Monday, October 24, 2011

Let's Talk About Fall TV


So I can't stand Bee Keeper, Josh and Anya.  Bert is just annoying to me.  Josh is an ass.  He is just nasty to everyone and then gets upset when called out on it.  And Anya seems like a nice girl and she designs the heck out of things but it bugs me to no end that she gets away with stuff that no one else gets away with.

The judges are also so inconsistent.  Nina has personal grudges and just decides she doesn't like certain people.  And they will criticize one thing and then praise it two minutes later when Anya does the same thing. 

Laura was my favorite person so I was sad to see her go.  And Victor is probably my favorite designer.  I am bummed that Josh and pretends to know how to sew Anya are in the finale. 


Wow, the show is steamy this season!  And does anyone else only ever think Mr. Big when they see Chris Noth? 


So far it's disappointing this year.  Just not enough umph or ... I don't know.  I'll still watch but it's missing the magic from the first two seasons.


OK so I made a vow to not watch any RH show a long time ago and I've stayed true to that for the most part.  But I did catch the better part of the reunion show last night and was shocked.  I had no idea that besties Jacqueline, Caroline and Teressa were no longer.  What I got from that reunion was that no one likes Teressa, her cousin has giant eyes and a creepy husband, her sister in law thinks she is a singer (there is one on every show who suddenly thinks she is a singer- thinks being the key word of course), Jacqueline quit?, Ashley still needs military school and Caroline isn't on speaking terms with Dina (my hands down favorite housewife of all time- well her and Bethenny of course) because she is siding with Teressa.

I am actually most shocked at the Dina/Caroline fall out.  But I assume they will make up.  I'm still not watching though.  It's just better for my mental well-being.  But I sincerely hope Caroline and Dina make nicey nice.


This is the only show of any kind with judges that I will watch.  Because I love it so much!  Love love love it!  Could live without the judges, but I can overlook them for the pure amazing talent on that show. 


I should first point out that I think the vastness of theology beyond fascinating.  Hands down my favorite topic.  If I could go back to school, I would at the very least pick up a minor in religious studies. 

But I love this show less for my fascination in extreme religions and more because they are just the sweetest family.  I can't get my mind around that lifestyle but there are lots of pretty mainstream lifestyles I can't get my mind around.  Life choices and beliefs that some of y'all might think are totally the norm and what you have done for generations.  So I don't think it's any different to be entertained by the Brown family.  I still don't quite understand why they would move to Vegas of all places, but whatever.  Their honesty and genuine nature have totally won me over.  I'd be friends with them. 


OK so I have not watched this show from the beginning.  I watched a bunch of re-runs this summer and am only now watching the proper season.  But it's so hilarious.  It's like Friends in that you don't need to remember to watch every week to follow along.  Which is good because there are very few shows I will remember to watch every single week.  The writing and acting are all awesome but it's also so fun to see favorite faces from the early 90's on there. 


I am trying to watch both as they have a lot of potential.  But jury is still out.  Both have awesome costuming though!


Don't judge me but I think this series is completely amazing!  I never expected to love it so much but I've seen every episode (thanks to OWN running them every time I turn the TV on) and have cried during half of them.  She's kind of funny too- the bit about the Tina wig makes me laugh every time.  If you are looking for something less Housewives and more Ah-ha, I completely recommend this show.  Honestly, it's really really great.

So what are your favorite shows on TV this season?  Any new, fun shows that you think I might like?



I love the Good Wife, she's really naughty this season haha...and I also love Modern Family, it is so funny, you should watch it!

Tracy @ Honey and Nutmeg said...

I was thinking about doing a similar post as well! I am really loving Revenge, Pan Am I am still watching but I don't know how I feel yet..

Kate said...

I love Revenge. Definitely my favorite of the season. I actually kinda like Ringer. It's so CW cheesy but I'll keep watching. I just watched the Pan Am pilot (ha) and will keep watching. I like Hart of Dixie-very old school WB. Bad acting and so unrealistic but cute.

I'm pretty over Glee. I didn't love last season so I don't know how much longer I'll watch

REBrown said...

I like the Sister Wives better last season. For some reason the new wife creeps me out and now it's even weirder because she's hugely pregnant.

Elizabeth said...

LOVE Revenge!! Didn't really think I would but I think that's my new favorite show this season. Oh & my husband got me hooked on Big Bang Theory & I've been catching up on past seasons.


OK, so I may be mildy obsessed with Sister Wives. My hubby thinks I'm weird, but I don't care. I'd totally be friends with them. I don't agree with the lifestyle, and I don't know why anybody would want to live that way, that doesn't mean I don't accept them and find it fascinating!

I'm also obsessed with X Factor USA. We have had XFactor in the UK for YEARS....but this USA version blows it out of the water. Don't be fooled, it isn't just a singing competition. It is an everything competition. Amazing!

My husband and I also watch An Idiot Abroad 2. The first season was hilarious and we can't NOT watch this second instalment!

I'm jealous you have Oprah's Life Class. We don't get it here in the UK yet. I can't wait until we do! I miss her!!

JMW said...

Hands-down my favorites are Modern Family and The Middle. I have to agree that coming across a Real Housewives episode is like watching a train wreck, yet we can't turn away. I've seen pat of an episode of "Sister Wives." The women and children seem like decent people, so why are they with him?? I don't see the attraction whatsoever.

Ruth said...

I am so excited for Good Wife and how steamy it is this season not that the past ones were bad. I love Big Bang Theory. And I am enjoying Pan Am I agree it has potential.
I also have fallen in love with Heart of Dixie


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