Thursday, May 26, 2011

Enough Of That And Other TV Talk

* So I tried watching RHNJ again this week and didn't make it but a few minutes.  It's all just too outlandish for me.  I just cannot believe real people act like the idiots on the RH shows.  That just feel impossible to me.  I've lived all over the east coast and mid-west and have just never seen people get into screaming matches.  So if these fools are for real, I want no part in it.  I don't need to have my blood pressure sky rocket because of a ridiculous reality show. 

* I will however continue to read the Bravo blogs.  I did this last year too.  Because I do sort of want to know what happens.  I just don't want to see it play out.  I know, it makes no sense. 

* I watched all three Oprah farewell shows this week and was overall impressed.  I do not like Will Smith and family so was bummed to see them there.  But really I thought they were a great way to go out.  The first two were over the top star studded.  And the final show was just so Momma O.  She went out on top and looked great doing it.

* Loving the Oprah behind the scenes show on OWN.  Plus it's like the shows on Bravo- it's on all the time.  So it doesn't matter that I have no clue when it first airs.  It's on a loop. 

* I didn't realize Rosie was going to have her show on the Oprah stage in Chicago.  Did y'all?  Or am I the only one who cares?  I LOVE Rosie!  So I am excited to see how that all comes together.  But I am just surprised it's not going down in NYC.  You know, where Ro and the family live.  Not that people can't move...

* Funny story about Rosie and her former show.  So when Bestie and I were in college, we got tickets (Amazing tickets actually- I think they were like 4th row, center or something crazy good like that.) to see Jekyll and Hyde at the Fox in Atlanta.  We are both Broadway geeks so this was sooo up our alley.  We were pumped and excited for months.  Until a few weeks before the show when we got a flimsy little paper postcard in the mail.  Telling us that the show was cancelled and our money was being refunded.  Crushed!  (This story is going somewhere...I promise!)  But at the time, Rosie's show was a big thing.  And you know how she is like this amazing arts patron and would have every Broadway song and dance number on her stage.  So we had this big plan to write to Rosie and tell her our very sad (SGP - sororitygirlproblem) sob story in hopes that she would bring us to NY to see the show.  I mean, seriously.  Only a 20 year old could really believe this would happen.  I don't think we ever actually wrote to her.  But I am quite sure we talked about it for a long time, making all sorts of ridiculous plans.  To this day I have yet to see the show.  I know the music by heart though if you are ever interested in a little gLeek off.

* What did we think of the gLee season finale?  I liked it but didn't love it.  I just don't love when they do original music for the entire show.  I did however LOVE the scenes with Rachel and Kurt having "breakfast at Tiffany's" and singing on a Broadway stage.  Not going to lie...I teared up.  So sweet.  And are they seniors next year?  Because they talked about having one more year.  I assume the show is not going to pull a 90210 College Years on us so will we have an all new cast?  Or perhaps they will drag senior year out so each semester is a separate season?  More SGP's that consume my thoughts.

* So happy that gLee is moving to Thursdays because I have Junior League on Tuesdays and it was just a real problem in my life to juggle the two.  Ha.

* I know I say this every year but I really do think I am going to stop watch Grey's Anatomy.  It is just beyond dumb now.  I like very few of the characters.  They are out of decent plots.  And I still hold a grudge that they killed George.  Oh and now they are adding in babies.  Adding in babies to an all adult cast is what shows do right before the ship sinks. 

* If you are counting, I will now be down to only watching gLee, Rosie's new show and of course my baby daddy, Anderson Cooper.  Slim pickins these days. 

** Side note...I have tried to comment on bunches of blogs.  Like if you have left a comment here lately, including entering the Sperry giveaway, I've read your blog and attempted to leave a comment.  But blogger won't let me.  So just know that I tried.  And will have to try again this weekend.


Natalie said...

My favorite part of the Glee finally was definitely the Kurt/Rachel duet of "For Good", the BEST song from Wicked!!!!

MCW said...

My roomie is from NJ and has a HUGE Italian family. She says those scenes are not far off from the truth. Fro stories I hear, I kind of believe it!

I forgot to tape O's last show. But, never have liked how preachy she gets.

Love Rosie.

Completely agree with Glee. It was not that great at ALL.

Kate said...

I didn't love the Glee finale either. I also thought they lost because of the original songs NOT because of Rachel and Finn kissing (but that's because I didn't like the original songs ;)


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