Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I Gave In And Watched

I did.  Two years ago I swore I would only watch Real Housewives of New Jersey again if Danielle was off the show.  Actually, I've not watched any RH shows in two years.  It's just been better for my health that way really.

But Danielle finally got the boot.  So I watched.  And well, I'm going to give it one more episode.  But I have a feeling this affair will end as quickly as it started. 

First, I just cannot get over the outfits that any of the RH (in any city) wear.  The pink one sleeve shiny sparkly number that Melissa wore to her son's Christening...what was that?  She looked like she was hitting the clubs, not a religious event.  And OMG tell me I am not the only one who threw up a little when in the car on the way to church she said to the baby, you're going to Jesus' Kingdom!  Um...that's Heaven, honey.  Just a creepy thing to say.  Let's hope the cute little baby stays healthy on Earth for a good long time.

I suspect that the feud between Teressa and her brother Joey (personal pet peeve for grown adult men to use baby names) is the blame of both of them, but mostly their huge egos.  Joey, the dad, ruined his baby's event.  Here's how I see it.  They invited Teressa and her family to the event.  They bitched when she was late to church and bitched that Joe didn't come to church and bitched that Gia didn't come to church.  Then they bitched that Teressa doesn't love their family.  Then bitched that she and Joe were dancing and loving on the baby.  Then bitched that Joe didn't want to do shots (who does shots at a religious event??). Then called Teressa garbage when she came up to say congrats.  I am sure T is to blame for a lot of stuff too.  But the chaos of that day was entirely due to the baby's own father, Joey.  And what was that "your my father" (ala Meredith's famously pathetic "pick me, choose me" to Derek on Grey's moment) scene outside?

I have a feeling that woman Kathy is going to be the pot stirrer.  AKA the new Danielle. 

Melissa (little miss sparkly shiny church dress) is super pretty.

As always, Jacqueline and Carolyn are my favorites.  Though I had so hoped that my real favorite, Dina, would be back on this season.  Sad.

So I am going to give it one more week.  But I have a feeling Teressa's family will just be way too much for me to stomach.  Feeling nervous and getting a headache are just not how I like to spend my evenings relaxing.


The enchanted home said...

Guilty pleasure, huh? Well I have to admit I have succumbed to it myself BUT I literally found myself almost gagging over Teresas house decor and the clothing she puts her clownish girls in...and finally gave up on the show and as much as I couldn't even look at Daneille I felt that way even more about Teresa, I found it THAT revolting. Agreed Carolyn and Jacqueline are the only ones who have a sliver of integrity and self respect....the others are pure trash and its hard to watch. Then I heard the new sister in law (Teresas is even worse than Teresa, is this possible I ask) now you have piqued my interest and you know I will be scouring for reruns, thank you very much!!!! :) So funny about pet peeve using baby names...I feel the same way, its like grow up and use a mans name for Petes sake! And "Jesus Kingdom" you have me laughing...thanks, a funny way to start my day!!

♡ Mrs. BSK {Preppy Wife Preppy Life} said...

Jacqueline and Carolyn are my favorites too. I totally agree about Melissa's dress. Teresa and Melissa need to stop being so competitive its so childish. I know its what makes part of the show, but I am about to stop watching. lol It should be more about Jacqueline and Carolyn.

MCW said...

I have to watch tonight. Have it DVRed! Gives NJ such a bad name. There are really normal people from there!

Anonymous said...

I agree...I was awake until 5am trying to finish my midterm while I watched this whole debacle. I think that Joey's wife is trying to keep Joey and Teresa apart, she just seems like drama to me. I couldn't believe that dress either...I wore a black dress to my daughter's christening, I'd rather look like someone died than look like I'm going to the club. Give it one more episode, because I'm hoping Jaqueline stands up to her daughter and that Teresa puts her sister in law in place. She can do no right in their eyes, and I was hoping that her husband got a hold of her brother and kicked his but a little.

#unmatched said...

you have to go to bravo's website and read jay mohr blog post on the episode, hysterical and spot on.

it's like a train wreck, I can't look away. Shots and club wear at a christening?! omg.

Preppy Mama said...

Oh is was so stressful to watch! I thought Melissa was so tacky and creepy {Jesus' Kingdom}. Poor baby has no clue what he is in for! But, as always I will continue to watch. I do love Caroline and still like Teresa as crazy as she is.

Jayna Rae said...

You crack me up!!!! I adore the Atlanta housewives. I mean ghetto rich people, what is more entertaining. We don't have cable though, so I haven't seen it in about three years.

CanadianPrep said...

I've never watched any of the RH shows, but I had an art history professor (in her late 60s, brilliant professor highly respected in her field) who once raved about how much she loved the show. She watched it once, got addicted, and now loves it. Perhaps there really is something to this show!


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