Sunday, April 3, 2011

Top Dawgs!

Wow!!  That was just the BEST GAME EVER!!  The Butler Bulldogs are headed to the National Championship.  Again!  Because they're awesome.  The under dogs are looking more like the TOP DAWGS this year.  It's so on, UConn!

And how about that Matt Howard.  Not only is he a basketball rock star but he was also named NCAA Academic All American.  Brains and brawn!

Doubt us all you want, America.  Butler is back and better than ever!  Let's go B U!!


The enchanted home said...

Very exciting indeed......who would have thought? Nothing like seeing someone who wasn't necessarily expected to go this far take it all the much more exciting then when its the "usual suspects"!!

Tammy B said...

I haven't been watching, but I have been keeping up. I'm pulling for the Butler Bulldogs. I always like to see teams that are not from the historically powerhouse teams win. I'll be pulling for them tomorrow night.

Pink and Green Mom said...

I watched the game last night, so exciting! I'm looking forward to them beating UCONN! :) -e

caknitter said...

I'm going to be rooting for your Bulldogs too! UConn beat San Diego State, darn it, and knocked them out of the game. Soooo, I thought I would jump on the blue bandwagon. Anyway, blue is my favorite color and bulldogs are pretty darn cute, in a bulldog kinda way. lol :-)

ty said...

I'm cheering for them too!! I have a nerdy-boy crush on Brad Stevens :)


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