Friday, April 29, 2011

The Glass Slipper Fit!

Swoon!  Today is quite possibly the world's most magical day.  From commoner (I love how they make it sound like she grew up in a trailer park when in reality she went to some of the most prestigious and expensive schools...but whatever!) to future queen.  Every little and big girl's most constant fantasy.

And oh my, didn't she look breathtaking?  So Grace Kelly.  The dress...all that lace and silk...that's style done right.  She looked royal.  Not because of the tiara (though hello how fabulous!).  But because of her presence.  Who she is on the inside.  She is going to be so fun to watch over the years!

They didn't look scared.  Just comfortable and happy and excited.  They looked like a bride and groom.  Not stuffy (though those military uniforms look terribly uncomfortable- that rope thing under Harry's arm looks super awkward). 

Cheers to an adorable couple!  The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge!

Most photos taken from Huffington Post.  Other from internet searches.


JMW said...

It was so wonderful! They look so in love and are such a beautiful couple. Cheers to them!

Katiellirb said...

Great post! I myself got up at 1am to watch all the coverage possible. I thought she was STUNNING! I thought the ceremony was personal yet regal. Perfectly "them." I can't help but smile for both of them - they seem truely in love with one another! Can't wait to see where they go next! :)

Unknown said...

Good morning from Tokyo!

Wasn't it just magical? I may be dating myself here, but I watched Diana and Charles marry as a young child and it was so...proper and stiff. The affection and joy William and Kate share was just so obvious! It made the entire day all the more like a fairytale.

Thank you for the pictures!




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