Monday, February 28, 2011

More Free Goodies

Y'all seemed to like the last few freebies that I posted about so here are a few more for you this week.  I'd act fast though when printing out coupons as they tend to get taken down when they reach a certain print amount.

So I am in love with this Nieva lippy stuff.  The light blue is my favorite as it has SPF and is unscented.  But really, they are all great.  Regularly retail for $2.99.  But are on sale this week at Rite-Aid for $1/each. 

If you go here to Nieva's Facebook page, like them and then print out the coupon for $2/2, you can score TWO for FREE at Rite-Aid this week.  Again, act fast as both coupons and products tend to run out quickly.

Have a headache?  Go to Target's coupon page and print out the coupon for $3/1 Excedrin.  Then go here and print off a manufacturer coupon for $1/1.  Use both to score TWO totally FREE (remember you can print these things twice- just hit back page after the first starts to print) boxes of Excedrin this week at Target.

I am going to be able to get several boxes of the Excedrin this week and doubt I will keep any of it.  I just don't have a big need for four boxes.  But food banks will gladly accept such donations.  I figure if it costs me nothing more than printing a few coupons and $0.08 tax, that's a pretty big bang for my buck, donation-wise.  I recently read a coupon blogger (male) talk about how he used to throw away the coupons for feminine hygiene products.  But then he had a conversation with a (female) friend who said something to the effect of "can you imagine not being able to afford food and then also not being able to take care of your monthly mother nature visit?!"  That had a big impact on me as I had never before thought that way.  So now I make a point to pick up items like this that really are life necessities to add to my donation box.  If I can get them for free or nearly free...why the heck not?  My donations are small. A box here and three boxes there.  But I figure we all have to start somewhere.  So I really encourage you to consider taking advantage of some of these coupon freebies, even if you won't use them.  Someone else in your own community might truly need them!


Lindsay @ LindsayInNYC said...

Oooh, more posts like this please!!! :)

Unknown said...

Good morning from Tokyo!

I may seriously need your help when we make our return this summer. We'll need to stock up and have no coupon availability to sepak of while overseas.

Great finds, and great deals!




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