Friday, February 25, 2011

Dear Jilly Bean,

Today you are as calm as a clam and ignoring all the fuss about you.  You are talking and smiling and forgetting to eat.  Slipping into the world's most stunning wedding dress and fixing your hair in the mirror.  Your family is fussing and you are just taking in the moment.  Marc is thinking of everything and then some.  And Belle is making you giggle.  Probably at Marc buzzing about, worrying about every last detail that you never knew mattered.  But it turns out those little details might actually be mighty in the end.  Maybe.

The weather is perfect and warm.  The sky is full of sunshine and bright blue.  And the water sparkles like diamonds.  You are surrounded by the best people on the planet.  Warm fuzzies, laughter and margaritas.  A truly excellent combination.

Your dad is weepy and thrilled at the same time.  And Wade is far more excited and emotional that he will ever admit. 

You are stunning.  Glowing.  Perfection.

You are dancing the night away and still forgetting to eat.  It's OK though because no food is necessary on Cloud Nine.  Forever is finally today.  And tomorrow you can eat and drink like a Queen without a worry in the world.

I am so sorry to miss your special day.  Truly heartbroken over the matter.  But I am sending you BIG hugs and buckets of love.  You are one of my favorite people and very best friends.  I can't wait to see your week in photographs soon. 

Mazel tov and grandest wishes for a fabulous forever with your Mister Right!  I love you!



Ruth said...

what a sweet letter to your friend.

Anonymous said...

This is a *beautiful* post Miss PPC, simply wonderful. I'm sorry you had to miss the wedding, but grateful to read your lovely thoughts.

Hugs at you,


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