Friday, November 13, 2009

Saved By Terrible Allergies

I'm home drinking hot cocoa with a splash (or three) of Baileys and watching 20/20. This is my first evening at home in a week! It started with pizza, then laundry, skipped the rest of the much needed but not fun on a Friday night house cleaning, and now poking around online and watching TV with the dog. Not exciting to some is a long-awaited night of nothing much to me! So 20/20....they are doing a piece on crazy cat ladies (they have like 30 cats- not about women who have two kitties- just wanted to clarify). How cats fulfill their deep yearning for love in their lives. I never thought I would say this, but OMG am I ever thankful for my severe allergies! That so could be me in another 10 years. But it won't be because being around cats for more than 20 minutes makes my face itch and swell and all sorts of un-fun things. Whew, avoided that near disaster!

Years ago, two of my favorite friends drove up to visit me over New Year's weekend. I was living in Indianapolis and they drove all the way up from Georgia. Only a best friend would do that! Anyway, on NYE, we were just sort of poking around my apartment during the afternoon. Just catching up and giggling and watching craptastic Lifetime TV movies. And then this movie came on that echoed a horrible situation that one friend had recently experienced. But ended. Right then and there we decided that if your life begins to resemble a Lifetime TV movie, it's time to change your life! I know it's not directly related to the crazy cat lady story but those are seriously good words to live by. Jot it down and I promise you will have a reason to repeat it at some point in your life.

Also, they just played the new Rhianna video. The song is beautiful but goodness that video is not for children. Very disturbing!


KK said...

How funny, I love a free night at home with nothing to do!

Miss Janice said...

After reading your post, I know I need to get on the sofa one nightand do nothing but watch some Lifetime!


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