Monday, November 16, 2009

Karo Said It

Y'all know I love me some Aaron Karo. He's hilarious and says all the stuff we're thinking but would never be brave enough to say out loud. I thought these were funny and relevant from his latest Ruminations....

-I think that when women turn thirty, they shift from picking apart every little thing a guy does as a reason why he’s an asshole, to rationalizing every little thing a guy does as a reason why he has potential: “Look at the way Jim parallel parks…I really think he could be the one.”

-Ladies, if you ask me a question while your breasts or my junk is exposed, there is a 100% chance you'll get the answer you want, but only a 50% chance I'll be telling the truth.

-Why do women run so awkwardly? Tuck those elbows in! You’re jogging, not attempting liftoff.

-During interviews to promote my new book, I’m often asked where the best places to meet women are. There are really only two answers, though: bars and Facebook. I mean, it’s 2009. What am I supposed to say? The library? The grocery store? We all know our generation needs alcohol and/or the Internet to get laid.

-I support and admire our troops, but I have no idea how their ranking system works. Oh, you're a corporal? So…does that mean you shine boots with a toothbrush, or you're in charge of the entire army?


AEOT said...

I love it when Ruminations pops into my inbox. Hilarious!

Canadian Preppy said...

Very funny quotes! So true about number 2.

Trish said...


Kristin said...

Ah ha ha. Freaking hilarious!

KK said...

Very funny and true!


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