Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Thanks, Y'all!

Update on the Spam Situation....

Thanks girls! I did try to do the manage bit at first but couldn't find this spam blog listed. It didn't occur to me initially to look at all four of this spammer's blog addresses. So for all the others still struggling to remove the car insurance thing, here's how to get it to *poof* go away....

- Dashboard
- Manage (under Blogs I Follow)
- then look for the following address http://ohijustloveit . blogspot . com
- then click Settings
- click "stop following"

And there you have it! I knew my blog pals would help me figure this out!!


Rachel H. said...

Glad that you got the problem resolved!! :)

cMs said...


katie lake said...

Ugh I feel so bad about this situation. I changed my URL for privacy reason and was told it would update in reader. Well it didn't and this vulture stole my old URL. I'm sorry everyone has been having to deal with this mess!


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