Monday, July 20, 2009

The Farm

I thought I'd update y'all on my summer garden....

Green onions. I've been using them and re-planting the roots all summer. Talk about bang for one's buck!

These are my sad sad excuses for pepper plants. I seriously have the worst luck with peppers. The last two years the damn squirrels ate them and would throw them at me. This year they are planted in the ground (instead of a pot as has been the case in the past) and they just seem so unhealthy. I've used organic Miracle Gro and still, nada. The empty plant had a baby yellow pepper (it was still green- that's how baby it was) but it died. They both had tons of blossoms a while back, each plant only had one pepper develop and now and I am down to one purple pepper out of two plants. Cross your fingers this last pepper actually gets large enough to eat. I'm not really counting on it though.

This is my "world's largest tomato" and it is finally turning red. The first of my tomatoes to turn red this year. Oh the excitement that is brewing in Casa de Crocodile!

My lettuce and carrots are growing like crazy. I've been eating salad greens for weeks. Though I have to say that if you are thinking of growing lettuce next year, be sure to also buy a salad spinner. I had to go to three big box stores to find one for less than $50 too. For what is essentially a big Tupperware thing from the 80's. Because you see when you grow lettuce in dirt, it comes inside dirty. So it requires washing and thus spinning. But so handy to have a salad just outside my door!

The largest of my green zebra tomatoes. They look pretty but gosh these are the slowest growing t'maters ever!

My green beans! They grow so fast!! I was surprised how fast they went from seed to mature plant.

See how pretty the beans are.

Two squash plants. They grew crazy fast too.

See all those zucchini....

And my yellow squash. Which I am sad to say don't taste that great. The outer skin, even on the baby squash, is soooo thick and fibrous. Disappointing!

But they look pretty on the plant. I suppose that counts for something, right?

So there you have it. The tour of the farm! I'm completely addicted to growing my own vegetables now. I so wish I had a greenhouse to use during the nine months of winter!!


AEOT said...

What an amazing garden you are growing! I"m so impressed. I'm sorry your yellow squash isn't turning out well. Will you try a different brand next year? Wish I were around to help you out with those green beans! Did you read the Pioneer Woman's recent post on fried zucchini strings? They look amazing!!

Are you growing any herbs?

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness Miss PPC, you are an absolutely green thumb! Greener than green!

It all looks fabulous, good for you!

What Kate Wore said...

Oh my goodness Miss PPC, you are an absolutely green thumb! Greener than green!

It all looks fabulous, good for you!

Miss Janice said...

I totally want to do this...I love fresh veges and it just seems right!

KK said...

Had to visit another KK :)

Anonymous said...

Your garden is so pretty! And I found a salad spinner at macys on ridiculous sale and it's odd looking but still amazing!

SplendidlyImperfect said...

Your garden looks great! I wish I had a place to grow one. It wouldn't have occurred to me to grow lettuce.


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