Thursday, July 9, 2009

Dear Debbie Rowe,

Why are you not fighting for your babies? I just have to believe that you were strong-armed all these years to let Michael have full custody of the children. But now he is gone. And those darling kids are going to be raised by the same loons who raised Michael. Please, please, please fight for the well-being of those children!!! I promise you (and this comes from a place of know, not just some snarky opinion) they will be destroyed in a few years when they are old enough to realize that after their father died, you still didn't want them. You didn't parent them. You didn't raise them. You didn't take them to school and to church and to soccer practice and to play dates. You didn't cuddle them when they were sad and make ice cream sundaes when they get an A in math. No one would believe you were fighting for Michael's money. Everyone would know you were fighting for the well-being of those cute babies. Fight for them, Debbie!! And then move them out of LA. Give them a more normal-ish life.



tintarosa said...

Tragic, no matter how you look at it.

Mrs. Shelton said...

Amen! It sounds like you had a rough childhood...thinking of you!

*Pink Preppy Party Girl* said...

Great post and I am with you. I hope she fights for those kids so they can have something of their own...a mother. Sharing a grandmother is not the same as having someone who loves you and just you.

Rachel H. said...

It is so sad, and I hope she realizes that she wants these children.

Gracie Beth said...

I agree, I very much think that since Debbie is the biological mother that she should get custody...I mean look at how normal katherine and joe jackson raised michael to be!

What Kate Wore said...

I just read something along the lines of Ms. Rowe saying that " birth... does not automatically qualify you as a Mother..", or along these lines.

Nothing makes any of that entire situation okay or acceptable. It's indefensible.

We're with you PPC, make some effort to get them into 'quasi-normal' circumstances.

BMarie said...

Maybe foster care would be the best answer. D. Rowe sold them... twice and tried to sever her parental rights. Try explaining that to the two older kids after you separate them from the little one who she didn't give birth to.

The Jacksons are certifiable.

Neither are a good choice.

preppyinnewengland said...

The whole situation is disturbing. Honestly, I don't know who in that camp is deserving to raise those children to have a normal sense of childhood.

Miss Madras said...

I don't think she or MJ are biologically related to those kids. They would be better off outside the circus in any case.

adozeneggs said...

Do you really think she's going to listen??
Where the frag has she been all this time anyway??


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