Monday, February 9, 2009

Attention All Lilly Fans....

Don't forget that the Lilly boutique is happening now at Ruelala! I logged on right when it started at 11AM and lost one of the sweaters in my shopping bag (don't you just hate that?!) by the time I went to check out. I had credits though so the sweater I did end up purchasing was nearly free. Love that!!

If for some reason you are not in with the Rue, email me asap and I will send you an invite. There are a lot of cute dresses in the boutique today!


Heather Henderson said...

I picked up the white shrunken polo *yeay*

Jennifer said...

I am not on Rue La La!!!! Please send me an invite!

Anonymous said...

Can we just say that even though we have been a Rue LaLa 'member' since it started we never bought anything... until today.

It was pink.

Three Boy Joys said...

I would love an invite to Rue La La!!! Thank you so much.


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