Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Parasols, Pink Lemonade and Polka Dot Swap

Oh how I love love loved this latest swap. The colors and theme were totally right up my ally. And my partner was so fabulously adorable too. So let's look and see what I sent to Mandi, shall we?

Parasols: A pink umbrella, the inside fabric of the bag
Pink Lemonade: Strawberry Lemonade mix and pink lemonade mix for water bottles (I love these!)
Polka Dots: Grocery bag and ribbon belt
Sweet Treat: Twizzlers
Thrifted: The napkin base of the apron was thrifted (the same day that I bought this)

Do you want to see the AWESOME package that was sent to me from Mandi? I knew you would! She spoiled me rotten...and I loved every minute of it! But I seriously felt a little worried when I opened this package that I was not as good to her as she was to me. Everything is so fantastic!! Pink and green goodness as far as the eye can see...

She too made a bag. How cute is that? Even more adorable when you notice that it is also lined with parasol themed fabric! I used it this past weekend and love the little embroidery patches on the outside. Crazy cute!

Included in my package-oh-pink-and-green-goodness....

Tote bag
Picture frame (thrifted and adorable!)
Bath salts, lotion and candle
Four polka dot placemats and 2 kitchen towels
Thrifted trims
Pink and Green plates
2 shell/starfish dishes
Mini post it pads
Crafty do-dads


Hopsy said...

Everything is just adorable, you are both so, so lucky!

Muffy said...

WOW!!!! That is QUITE a swap! Congrats! Too much pink and green goodness!!!

Preppy Pugs said...

I love the parasol fabric you used for your bag lining! So cute.

Handi Dandi Mandi said...

I'm so glad you liked everything! And I liked everything too! Hopefully this weekend I'll get a chance to post an even bigger thank you.

LA said...

I love, love both packages. What fun! THe parasol fabric you found is beautiful. You always pick the best fabric.

I'm loving your headband post, too. I need to get my machine out and give those a try. Princess is trying to grow her hair out and these would be great for her heading back to school.

Cheers! LA

Rebecca said...

Great swap! Both of your packages are amazing! Thanks for joining in on the fun!

Rebecca said...

Great swap! Both of your packages are amazing! Thanks for joining in on the fun!


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