Wednesday, July 16, 2008

All Smooshy

Would someone mind telling me how to make my blog posts less smooshy? Look at this page. Do you see how the date and title of a post are smooshed between the two posts? It looks bad and makes it difficult to read. It just all becomes one big jumble of blah. I need some un-smooshing advice please! Thanks!

PS. Blogger spell check is not a fan of the word "smoosh" .... go figure!!


Buford Betty said...

I have no idea.... wish I knew - but yeah mutliple posts in one day are all smooshy. If there's not a way to fix, I suggest doing every other post in a different color text so they can be distinguished easily from one another. That's one way around it I guess!

Lisa said...

You need to add some padding to the .post-footer part of your CSS. Do you know how to do that? I opened it in Dreamweaver and added the padding-bottom property with 15px and it looked good. Feel free to email me for directions if that sounded completely greek to you :-) (

Kally said...

I use a signature at the bottom of my posts. It doesn't exactly help with keeping the date and comments from smooshing into the previous header but it does add some needed space. I got mine from

Hope this helps.

adozeneggs said...

My husband is the computer whiz in the house and he says that Lisa is correct. Whatever she said is what you need to do.

Jules said...

how the heck do you get blogger spellcheck to work...i try but always have typos GALORE.

Mama's the Boss said...

I have no idea. The DH is the computer whiz in my house--he is the one that makes my headers.


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