Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Loving Right Now

I thought I would share with you a few things that I am obsessed with at the moment. Nothing earth shattering, but a few things you might want to test out too.

* My $2.50 glitter flip flops from Target. They are cheap and I'm quite sure that they will die a quick death but until then, I feel like a five year old. They make me smile.

* Bic Mark-It Pens. They are permanent markers, like Sharpie. But they are thinner and don't bleed through the paper. I read that Sharpie now makes a pen like this too but I have been to four stores and none had a clue what I was talking about. (I guess some folks just don't stalk the Sharpie company like I do. Sad really!) But these pens are soooo fabu! Don't worry, Sharpie is still my favorite. But for times when it is bothersome to have a pen bleed though the paper, my awesome Bics are a new go-to buddy. And they have the most adorable color names too. Not that it matters but it does make me smile. Smiles count for something, right?!

* Big Girl Mac and Cheese. Found this in Target. OMG sooo yummy! I added a can of shrimp and it was all kinds of delicious!

* My cute and clean puppy. She just had a bubble bath and trim and looks super adorable at the moment. Such a little snuggle love!!

* Green Lilly Pulitzer pillow I scored for $9.99 at Marshalls Homegoods a few weeks ago. It's missing two beads but I bet you would not notice if I didn't tell you.

* Hydrangeas. In DC the soil acid levels (I have a landscape architect for a father so this sort of information is ingrained in my brain) were just right to have hydrangeas in every possible color variety. I loved it! Up here, not so much. But I have found a few plants here and there that are those fun candy colors. I could stare at them all day!

* Keebler 100 calorie cookie Right Bite packs. The perfect mid day treat. My major challenge is not eating three at one time though. The Mini Fudge Stripes are my favorite!

* This dress from Target (of course!). It is the most comfortable thing ever for those days when you are loafing about or cleaning or running errands. Days when you want to wear a sweat shirt but it is 80 outside and need something that won't make you faint. The only down side is that it is super low cut so I have to wear a cami underneath which I find to be annoying. Yet I don't seem to care because this is my new "I don't give a hoot about looking cute because I just want to be comfie and able to move about easily" outfit. But because the waist pulls in, it does actually look rather cute so it's really a win win situation.

* Last but not least, my biggest obsession at the moment..... Del Monte Fruit Chillers! Have you tried these yet? If not, run out immediately and buy a pack! They are fat free (but full of sugar so beware) and crazy delicious! The perfect hot summer treat!! I have tried all four flavors (I told you I love them!) and must say that they are all amazingly delicious! Go. Now. You'll thank me!


Anonymous said...

Just picked up the Sharpie pen a couple of days ago at the Staples in Latham Farms, they were right at the register.


Nora said...

I loveeeee your puppy! So cute!!

adozeneggs said...

Just wanted to let you know that I found good t shirts at the J Crew outlet. Not sure if you have one near you, but, I remember your post about crappy/good T's.
these were really nice, not that "tissue" t that J Crew usually sell. They come in V neck or crew neck and some of the colors are $6.97 with ad additional discount, the end price was about $4!!! If you have a J Crew outlet near you, you should check it out. I went to the one in Manchester, VT. Also, your dog is super cute!

Hopsy said...

I think I have told you this before, but I too am obsessed with Sharpies! I own over 100. I was thrilled to find out about the Sharpie pen! Have you seen the Sharpie centers? OMG, they will change your life! They are HUGE kiosk type stands and have every color marker in all sizes!

Wila (aka Ali) said...

I love your Target finds...I may have to sneak down at lunch tomorrow to scope them out for myself! Love the dress! And those Chillers....delicious!

Buford Betty said...

Oh I'm totally going to seek out those pens since I share your Sharpie obsession.

lepetitprep said...

New, thinner markers that don't bleed through paper... I think I just found some new correcting pens!!!

Libby said...

First: I second Nora.

Second: those Bic Mark-It Pens have my name written all over them!

A.D. said...

Oh, where to start!
1. Love the flip flops AND your polish color...do you know what color it is?
2. I LOVE Sharpies. The store I work for carries Sharpie paint pens...they are the BEST!
3. Your mac & cheese comment made me remember I've been meaning to do a post on another pasta mix from Tar-jay. I haven't tried this one, but it looks delish.
4. Your dog is so cute I want to put her in a baby papoose and carry her around with me!

Lauren @ Adventures of a Southern Newlywed said...

My husband and I love eating the fruit chillers. They are so light and refreshing. Have you tried the Archer Farms risotto? It is not as good as homeade, but when you are in a rush, it is a great substitute. I have been very happy with their store brand. Can't wait to try the mac and cheese!

Enjoy your week!

Mama's the Boss said...

Sadie Kate is too cute. I need to give Trixie Lulu a bath tonight.

I am going to check out the flip flops at Target. They look like so much fun!

Tippy said...

I am obsessed with Sharpie! I have the new pens and love them! I found them at Sam's club...I usually go to Costco but happend to be there with a friend.


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