Monday, June 9, 2008

Summer Apron Swap

The lovely and talented Abby offered to host another apron swap. Little did she know that more than 200 bloggers with a heavy case of apron-itis would join in on the sewing fun! Bless her for organizing this summer swap! I love that she only tells us who we are sending our swap to and leaves it a mystery as to who will be sending a swap package to us. It leaves me guessing and excitedly running to the mailbox during swap week!

For this swap, my buddy doesn't have her own blog. But she lives in a place that fascinates me as I have never had the opportunity to travel anywhere near her home in New Zealand. So fun, right?! Yes well, please don't be offended when you open my package, Nikki. Because you see, I had a major blonde moment that lasted like two weeks regarding this swap. It was not until AFTER I mailed your package that it even occurred to me that you are not currently experiencing summer. I hope you will use the apron anyway...even if it's technically winter in your hometown at the moment.

One side of the apron is a fun red and black cherry print and the other side is green and white gingham. Both sides have a cute little pocket with darts and the fabric is a watermelon print. Oh, and pom poms. Why pom poms? Why not?! They just make life fun!! I also included a set of four fabric coasters and a little cookbook titled Taste of America. I hope she enjoys trying out some new American recipes while wearing her little apron. I am in love with that fruit fabric and can't wait to play with it to create a few more sewing projects this summer.


Buford Betty said...

Cutie apron - I love it! I love the skirt ones like that... so retro.

The Mrs. said...

Gorgeous! Darn impressive! Can't sew at all!!!

Preppy Mama said...

So cute!!!

Readings, Recipes and Rambles said...

So cute and very fun!!

Read my blog...theres a treat for you!!!!!!

skatey katie said...

hey chick, i know nik in real life!! yeah, she just lives up the road from me and texted me to check out her apron (cos she lives a wee way up the road and it's actually all cold and grey here. strange cos it's been Summer-In-June up till now) so have just popped in here for a nosey and *wow*...
how cute is that? love it!!!
can't wait to see it IRL, might see if i can bribe nik to make me something delish to celebrate lol
kate in The Sunny Bay, NZ

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Love the apron - such cute fruity fabric! Swaps are always so much fun aren't they?


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