Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A Little Info....

So over the last year, I've received quite a few comments and emails asking me about swaps. So I thought I would give everyone who might be curious a little run down on the swaptastic fun.

The most asked question that comes my way is "how do I find out about swaps?"
And that answer might not be one you will like. For me personally, it's a little bit of serendipity at work. The last three times I did a swap with Sweet Goodness, I just happened to check the blog for the first time in what felt like forever. Those swaps usually fill up the first or second day and I was just lucky enough to see the posting (seeing as how I still have yet to sign up for bloggy-let-me-know-when-people-post-stuff service) at the right moment. Other swaps I have stumbled upon, usually from blogs I read regularly anyway. There are also blogs that are just about swaps. Google them if you are interested. I have been trying to be better about making a note about an upcoming swap when I find out about them in a timely manner on my blog so that others can participate too.

Who hosts swaps?
Really anyone can offer to host a swap. I have participated in two swaps recently where the host was doing it for the first time. There are also several people/groups of people who have blogs set up specifically host a swap. If you decide to host your own swap, let me know. I am obviously a big fan of the swappy blog fun!

How do swaps work?
Each swap is a little different. But all the specifics are laid out in the announcement so that you know what is expected of everyone. There is usually a spending limit. Often a color scheme to follow. Often a theme. Date to mail out your package. Sometimes a requirement to make a portion of the swap yourself, sometimes a portion needs to be thrifted (this is always the challenging part for me as I am not great at thrifting. But I like a challenge!). All sorts of specifications are listed so that you are aware of them all before signing up.

Do you pick your own partners?
Nope. The swap hosts each have their own magical systems for pairing up swap buddies. Sometimes you mail your swap gift to the person who will be mailing their gift to you. So you exchange with one person. Sometimes you mail your gift to one person and receive a gift from a totally different person. So you "meet" two people. Sometimes your partner might not even have a blog. It's all luck really. I have to say, of all the swaps I have done I have been very lucky with fabu swappy buddies. Only once did I have the sad luck of not receiving my gift. But every other swap partner was amazing and totally spoiled me rotten with sweet gifts.

Can I join a swap if I don't know how to sew?
Sure. Swaps are all different. I always include sewn items because that's just my thing. I sew. I like to make things. But plenty of swaps allow for you to purchase all of your items. Just be sure to read carefully the swap specifications before signing up.

Can I join a swap if I don't have a blog?
Sure. I have yet to see a swap that requires you to have your own blog. I have had several swap buddies who don't have (or didn't at the time have) a blog. Just be sure to offer your swap partner a little bit of information on your personality so that she can have an easier time shopping/crafting for you.

How long do you have to put a swap together?
Oh they all differ but its usually several weeks. Always enough time. Well usually. Once I had issues with my sewing machine and then was going out of town for two weeks so my swap buddy and I agreed to extend our mail-out date a few extra weeks. But it totally all worked out fabulous in the end for both of us.

I think those are the most asked questions that come my way. I am not an expert by any means but am happy to offer any information I might have if you have further questions. Swapping has been so much fun for me (clearly- I keep signing up for them!!) and I have "met" some of the sweetest and most fabulously creative women from all over the world.


shoeaddict said...

Thanks, doll!

Melly said...

Thanks so much for the helpful info. I'd been wondering about the whole swapping scene.

L.A. Prep said...

Thanks for the great info, I have been so curious about getting in on the swapping fun!


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