Saturday, June 28, 2008

**Perfect Shirt Update**

I went back to Target this afternoon to pick up more perfect shirts. But they were out of my size in white of course. Damn, that always happens when I wait too long. Although I hardly think one day should be "too long." I noticed though that there were more shirts on the back of the display stand. I have no earthly idea how I missed it but there were.... wait for it.... round/scoop (not exactly sure what to call it) neck t-shirts sitting there ready for me to jump for joy. Oh, it's all about the little things in life I tell ya!! So I came home with two white scoop necks AND a fuchsia and black scoop neck. AND a yellow, green and red v-neck because they didn't have my size in the scoop. I know this seems ridiculous but I seriously have not purchased a non-polo t-shirt in years because they all seem to be that ultra thin junk that I so dislike. Or have stuff written on them. I have needed t's for such a long time and who knows (thanks for making me realize this, The Cat's Pajamas) what year I will again find them. So there you have it. My closet is now stocked and I am one happy camper. As always, thanks again to my BFF Tar-jay for making a girl smile!!


Melanie said...

I love my Target! I never leave there empty's kind of addicting, isn't it?!

A.D. said...

I am so going there tomorrow. I wasn't so sure about the v-neck, but I am all about the scoop/crew! Hopefully, they have my size!

Lauren @ Adventures of a Southern Newlywed said...

I am going to look for these next time I visit Target. A nice basic white t-shirt is hard to find! I am glad you found one!

Always In Style said...

Target rocks!


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