Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes!

I have read several blogs, including Sharp Lily, about these green flats living in a box at my neighborhood Payless shoe store. And as a lover of all things pink and green, you know I ran over there to see for myself. When I lived in DC, my dear friend E and I would occassionally pop into the Payless store next G Street Fabrics, my most favorite fabric store EVER! But I digress... So I would say about once a year or so I will visit a Payless store and leave with a box of random fun shoes that I wear once and feel ok about considering the minor cost involved. So inside my store the other day I found not one, but TWO pairs of cute green flats. But I thought that they were both very uncomfortable on my feet. I also then remembered that I already own a fabulous pair of kelly green pointy toe kitten heels that I bought several years ago that I LOVE. But since I was already in the store, I might as well play dress up....right?

Well I hit the cheap-o shoe jackpot! I found this cute pink pair for a whoping $8! Now it is true that you get what you pay for. The sole of the pink shoe is very very thin and I would never make it on a day I was doing a ton of walking for hours on end. But they are adorable and comfortable for running a few errands or going to weekend meetings. The gold shoes look so cute with jeans and the black flats look just like ballet toe shoes. I feel like a prancy ballerina when I wear them. And what girl doesn't want to feel prancy now and then?! I have worn all three pairs already and have received masses of compliments on each pair.

I also find it hilarious that when given a sweet compliment, I get a little squeamish and almost apologize. I say something silly like, "oh no, I bought them for $15 at Payless. I don't normally go to Payless but...." As if I did something wrong. I always catch myself saying such things after the fact and laugh. I mean, they are what the are. They are cheap shoes that will last a single season. But they are cute and fun and because of the price I can buy out the store and not feel guilty.

Oh, did I mention that because of a buy one get the second half off sale, my total for the three pairs of shoes was ....(drum roll please!)..... $35!

Happy Shoe Shopping!
Preppy Pink Crocodile

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sunny100 said...

Your Pink blog is so attractive... Pink is my favorite color.. lol. I'd love that pink shoes to wear for my saturday night parties. I'm gonna buy a pair of Fashion Shoes this holiday season at 70% discounts. I often get best shoes on 70%, it's lucky number.... lol


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