Monday, May 14, 2007

Preppy Fresh and Clean

It's the time of year I find myself searching for that perfect gift for recent graduates and friends just making a change to new cities. Does an 18 year old really need a pen that will get lost or another silver picture frame? Probably not- though I do love an engraved silver frame myself. So my favorite easy to embellish gift is a set of towels. Perfect for a dorm room, new apartment or first house.

This is so easy, it is embarrassing. I used two ribbons, the stripe ribbon is 7/8" and the second solid ribbon is 1 3/8". Simply measure the ribbon about 1" longer than the width of the towel. Sew the 7/8" ribbon onto the 1 3/8" ribbon. I sewed on both sides and down two stripes to be sure it was extra secure. Then pin the now 1 3/8" ribbon onto the slightly indented section of the towel. Start sewing about 1" down on one of the long sides of the ribbon. This allows for the ribbon to shift and prevents those annoying bumpies. Sew down, across, up and across. I then sewed on top of that again because a towel will likely take a lot of stress in and out of the wash frequently.

If you have an embroidery machine, it would be darling with a monogram. But even without, I think it is pretty darn cutie. And totally practical too! Use different colored towels and ribbons to personalize it to his and her own taste. It would be adorable too in college colors for those about to leave for their first year of school away from home.


Meg said...

Those are really, really cute. Forget 18-year-olds...I want some for myself! :)

Suburban prep said...

Meg is right those are great for anyone.

Tres Poshe Preppy said...

Really cute!


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