Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Bargain Black Hole

Why is it that when I go to Target for a few items, I walk out with a few zillion items that I didn't even know I "needed" until Target kindly showed them to me? Why?

Today I ran into Target for exactly two items. Two. Toilet paper and toothpaste. That's all that I needed and I fully intended to just run in and run out. I have done it before so I know that it is possible to run in and run out. It is not urban myth. But oh, it is so hard to do sometimes. In general, I am not even a superstore shopper. I avoid Kmart and despise Walmart. But Tar-jay is different. It is just so fun in there.

So what gets me lately is that darn dollar section right when you walk in. It is always full of colorful crap that I just can't pass up at the bargain $1 price. Then I get it home and try to remember to return it- not because I need the $3 back but because I really do not need more junk at home. I am an organization freak who is still somehow always fighting a pile of random clutter.

But today I really did find my version of gold in the dollar bins. Super cute cards! I am a complete stationary addict. I have been as long as I can remember. I love stores like Papyrus and Crane's- they just suck me in and sell me boxes of pretty cards that I just can't live without. My dear friend E and I once stumbled upon a Papyrus outlet in Maryland one time. Not only was it an outlet but they were having a sale. Here is how the conversation went...

Store girl: All those boxes are $1

Us: EVERYTHING on this table is only $1 (gasping realizing that the boxes are all originally between $15 and $30)?!!!

Store girl: Yes (not at all amused by us)

Us: How much are these boxes (now over at a different section of the store)? Are these on sale, too?

Store girl: They are a dollar (even less amused by us)

Us: What about this box (still we are not getting it....talk about a double blonde moment!)?

Store girl: Everything in the store is a dollar (annoyed she even has to talk to us)

Us: What about the bags and ribbons and paper? OMG is it all on sale too (very very excited at even the thought)?!

Store girl: (huffs) Yes, everything in the store is $1 (very annoyed now that she has to both re-answer our question and pause her phone convo w her friend)

Us: (walking to the store entrance where we can see two other girls asking the same questions to themselves) EVERYTHING IN HERE IS ONLY $1!

E and I walked out with bags (plural) of stationary, gift bags, ribbons, and who knows what else! To this day, that is one of the coolest, unexpected shopping experiences. It really is all about the small things in life!

But I digress....so Target.....well just look at the picture. They have the most adorable birthday, baby, bridal and other random cards. They are colorful and dimensional and only $1! I do actually use cards and stationary A LOT. OK, so I will never use all of the paper that I own. But I mail cards and letters and notes to friends and family all the time. It's just one of "my things" in life I guess. But I love knowing that I am sending someone something that is purely pleasure to open. Oh, and what is cool is that I have several girlfriends who love stationary as much as I do. My best friend even has her own little (but rapidly growing) custom stationary business- her work is amazing!

So bottom line is that I walked in for TP and toothpaste and walked out with a bathing suit (I am going to HI for a wedding so that was totally justified....or so I am telling myself), two tops, a pair of capri pants (that I need like a hole in the head. Capri pants are one of my clothing addictions!), TP and a zillion fun cards. Totally forgot the toothpaste!

I will be sure to go to the drugstore tomorrow for the toothpaste- I am avoiding Target at all costs. It is a bargain black hole- just sucks me in and shows me things I "need."


Stefanie said...

I went yesterday for Clorox and Windex. That's it, nowhere near the clothing, entertainment or heaven forbid- the scrapbooking aisles but I still came out with over $60 of things I didn't need.

Did you see the cute little argyle note cards in the dollar section?!

Clair said...

I feel the same way about target! go in for one or tow items and i walk out pushing a cart... it is some kind of vortex!

Anonymous said...

I am the same way! Although it is probably worse since they don't have any stores in Canada, so whenever I go down to the states I always stock up. No need to feel guilty though, everyone comes out of that store with way too much stuff.

Anonymous said...

I did the same thing last week. I stopped in for a birthday card and some cookies and left with 3 super cute summer dresses for me. Is it my fault that they actually had them in my size?

Unknown said...

I NEVER get out of Target for less than $200. It is insane. Whenever we discuss subdivisions we like, their proximity to Target is a deciding factor for me.

I love the cards!! You lucked out on the $1 thing!! I'd buy a million and then never send them, because I'm lazy like that!

tulipmom said...

I LOVE Papyrus! Where in Maryland is their Outlet? BTW, I popped over from Connecticut Prep.

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

I forget the name of the mall with the outlet but it is the same mall with the big G Street Fabric store. Close to IKEA. I'm sure I will think of it as soon as I hit "Publish." Potomac maybe? Just thinking about it also reminds me how much I miss my beloved G Street. Sniff!

Mrs. Shelton said...

I stocked up on all of those cards the other day at Tar-jay! I also got that orange top with the pink skirt. I was going to wear it to my bridal luncheon, but decided on the dress from there instead! :)


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