Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Shoes Make a Great Gift!

One of my dearest friends, E, is getting married to a wonderful man this summer. E and I became the closest of friends living on the Hill in DC. We were always out and about going to museums, shopping, working on our many Junior League committees, shopping, finding new restaurants, shopping, and just exploring our great city. My point is that we walked a LOT.

So a few weeks ago I found this adorable pair of driving loafers in a cute little store. They are bright and fun and the logo looks identical to Lilly. They had my name all over them! So of course I brought them home with me. I love them- soooo comfortable!

Then I got to thinking, E needs these too. But while I do love sending random gifts to my girlfriends, these felt like they needed an actual occasion to be given. Her bridal shower! I rarely give shower gifts (bridal or baby) from a registry, thinking it is more fun to give something creative and often include a made-by-me component. But for the life of me. I could not figure out how to spin a pair of shoes into a bridal shower present.

It hit me- they are the PERFECT gift from me to E. They represent not only our history as friends, but also the comfort a bride needs during the last few crazy planning months. I wrote a great note and insisted that our friend, B, who was attending in person and brought my gift for me, make sure that E read the card before opening the gift. It was sweet and sentimental and it was a hit! I also made a belt and headband to coordinate- a fun touch I thought.

I know, it still doesn't make much sense at a bridal shower. But it is just so us, Preppy Pink Crocodile and E! She loved it! And I loved being able to give her something different and special in preparation for her Big Day.


Stefanie said...

I LOVE gifts that actually come from the heart and aren't something someone put on a cold, boring registry.

Those shoes are GORGEOUS! I need a pair! My Gucci driving mocs would thank me, haha.

Tres Poshe Preppy said...

Cute shoes!


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