Friday, December 7, 2012

What's Up Doc....Or The Last Of My Carrot Harvest

I pulled the last of my carrots the other day and have been joyfully eating them ever since.  Most I roasted with a little EVOO, Kosher salt, pepper, tiny bit of cinnamon and tiny bit of honey.  They were so sweet though- much sweeter than what you can buy at a regular grocery store.  Next year, I can omit the honey.  Just no need with all their natural sugars.

Many of you asked me about the flavor and inside of the colored carrots.  They all pretty much taste the same.  Like carrots.  But the insides also all look the same.  So even though the outsides might be yellow, red, deep orange, purple or of course regular carrot orange, the insides were all nearly the same.  I adore the contrast and will absolutely grow multi-colored carrots again next year. 

I didn't peel any of my carrots.  They were all grown in really good, organic soil with compost and other goodness.  And the colors...well that's half the fun in eating them.  I wanted to eat a purple carrot. 

One day I will have a yard big enough to GROW FOOD AND NOT GRASS!  One day...

Did you grow anything in your garden, large or small, this year? 


Amy - OPC said...

I live in a small condo and can only grow flowers & herbs. I dream of s garden one day!

eas said...

wow your carrots are beautiful!


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