Thursday, December 13, 2012

My Tour Of The Keebler Elf Treehouse

So years ago...back in college to be of my besties, Little (who is both my sorority "little" and in size, is rather little) and I signed up to go on an alternative spring break. 

Did y'all ever do those in college?  Where you go do service work instead of sitting on a beach?  Well neither have I!

We went to all these meetings and were on a team headed to St. Jude's in TN when SJ's cancelled on us about a week before break.

Sad, sad sorority girls!  With no spring break plans.  Here we turned down fun, drunken party trips to do a little good in the world and we were rejected without reason days before it even began.

So we scrambled to come up with other ideas.  Little's grandparents live in Boulder, CO.  We both adore CO.  So off we went.  Lots of little day trips were planned.  And compromises were made (we went skiing for me and to the USAFA for her).  We went on the most fun factory tour ever at Celestial Seasonings.  You know, the tea.  That tour is so much fun.  If you are ever in the Denver area, go!  The gift shop ROCKS too.

As I said, we went to the United States Air Force Academy per her request.  Her friend was in school there, she loves a man in uniform and we planned to watch him march.  But the weather turned, as it does in the mountains.  And the boys didn't end up marching that day.  We saw the famous chapel and took a tour and went to the gift shop but it just wasn't what she we hoped for. 

So we're driving and see is Bush that's in Denver?  Well, whatever beer plant is there, we saw.  I don't like beer so those details don't stick in my mind.  But then...we see the Keebler cookie plant.  And hello, I LOVE cookies!  I screamed to turn around, we were going to tour Keebler.  Even if was only half as awesome as Celestial Seasonings, it would turn the day around for us.


We pull in.  No signs for the tour.  I wonder if we missed it.

But seriously, no signs.  Do you think they perhaps don't give a tour?  No...not possible.  Everyone wants to see cookies being made.  And elves making them!

Because I was the force behind this adventure, she insisted I run into this office to ask.

And like the Pollyanna I am, I bopped myself on in there.

"Um, excuse me, when is your next tour?"

A confused woman behind the front desk says, "A tour of what?"

"The cookie factor.  Do you offer tours?" 

"Oh no, I think they used to but don't any more.  I have some cookies on my you want one?"

I.  Am.  An.  Idiot.

This was over a decade ago and I am still giggling at that moment.  That nice receptionist offering me a cookie because I must have seemed so terribly pathetic and perhaps a little insane.

Needless to say, no boys in uniform marching and no damn Keebler elf sighting.  Hmph!

We did however laugh a LOT.  I mean, seriously, you have to laugh at yourself!

So should you find yourself in the Denver/Boulder area, DO go to Celestial Seasonings, DO go to Peppercorn (best store EVER), but do NOT go to the Keebler plant on a quest for cooking making elves.  I believe they remain in the North Pole for the most part and just pop down to the US to shoot cookie commercials.

This post is for you Little, who reads my blog, and Katie who reminded me of this story via her blog the other day.


Katiellirb said...

I'm laughing WITH you, not AT you. This is hilarious!! I was like - "Where is this?!" but alas, no such thing...sigh :( Oh, too funny my dear! I can totally picturing you asking. But honestly, I think you got the better deal. This story is one for the ages, whereas the tour may not have been. seriously, does anything compare to the Celestial tour? :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, thanks for that laugh! I so needed it.


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