Friday, December 14, 2012

Great Deal On Wine

I love to shop online for clothes and accessories (and anything because I am allergic to malls).  But in the last few years I have discovered a new love of shopping online for wine. 

I love getting a box of vino at my door.  Now that is a happy package!

Anyhoo...I just noticed a fun deal on Zulily.  They are offering a $50 credit to for just $35.  I've shopped there before with success and thought I should pass along the tip.
And in other fun news...I am nearly finished with Christmas gifts. 

I decided to make something for nearly all of my friends and family this year after seeing it on Lera's blog last Christmas.  I bought all the components.  But didn't sit down to actually make this item (a post soon...but not until after Christmas of course) until last night.  Only to find that it was a LOT more difficult than I anticipated.  I just could not get it to look the way I envisioned for a full year now.  Or how it looked on Lera's blog.  I gave up at one point.  And then tried again and am now sort of OK with it.  It's not what I wanted.  So in the end, folks might just get a jar of jam if I can't get settled with it.  But I am hoping a little time away from this "quick" (famous last words of every crafter) with make me realize what I have is close enough to what I want to have.

Jury is still out.

But I do have jam made just in case.

So either way, Christmas gifts are almost all ready to be wrapped.  Woo hoo.  THAT is my Christmas.  Wrapping.  That's the VERY BEST part of Christmas for me.  Hands down, my happy place involves packaging and ribbon.

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Sunkissed and Southern said...

Thanks for sharing, that looks awesome! I'm a fairly new follower and wanted to say hi!


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