Sunday, November 4, 2012

Political Ads Suck

With the millions of dollars spent on political ads, has anyone spent any moola on research to see if those ads change even one voter's opinion?  Do you believe they ever make an impact?

Because I would put money on the answer being a big fat NO.  They all seem to cancel each other out.  It's like a screaming match between kids where they all just scream louder and louder and no one is heard.

Political ads do in fact annoy everyone.

Political ads do in fact confuse many.

Political ads do in fact make everyone sound terrible.

Political ads do in fact cost millions of dollars.

Political ads do in fact annoy everyone.

But as far as changing a single is still out.

Oh lawdy I cannot wait for Wednesday to roll around.  I need these ads to stop.  Badly.

Also, when is Smash coming back?  I miss it!


REBrown said...

Seriously! The ones where we live are so dumb.

Glitterista said...

This is my first presidential election living in Ohio and I forgot what non-political ads even look like! I am so excited for this to be over. ;)


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