Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Did You Hear That Today Is Election Day?

So did you know that today is election day?  I bet you didn't.  Everyone has been so hush hush about it.  Especially on social media.  No one's even mentioned it on Facebook.

Or you know...something like that. 

I don't live in an area that offers early voting. 

Which is so dumb.

But they didn't ask me.  They should.  I have all the answers.  But alas, I'm still waiting on that call.

So today is my day.  To exercise my beloved right to VOTE. 

I truly do not care who you vote for.  I do hope you read up on your local politics.  They honestly have a much bigger impact on you personally than national politics.  It's important to know what people stand for and not what party is backing them.

Because in case you didn't know this...I think political parties are dumb.  So dumb.  They mean nothing.  And sort of bully people.  And totally limit our choices.

But that's another topic for probably another blog altogether.  Given that like 95% of my readers are Republicans.

I am voting for my good man President Obama today. 

But only because Hillary isn't an option! 

Here's hoping we all end up with a few of our favorite choices at the end of the day!!  And here's hoping those choices do more good than not this season!


Maggie said...

Like you, I'm a pink and green lover who has voted for the President. Thanks for your post!

MCW said...

Two thumbs up...Obama and Hillary. Hopefully in 4 we can vote for her!

Jennifer said...

Great post! I voted Obama too, which is like going to hell in a handbasket in Georgia, but I don't care. I am proud to be a Dem! :)


thanks for all your kinds for us folks in NY--things are getting a little better everyday! I'm off to vote--long lines and all

REBrown said...

Right there with ya! Luckily we have early voting so I was able to vote for Barrack a few weeks ago.

Elizabeth said...

Well I didn't vote for Obama, but I love your Hillary comment! :)

Rhonda said...

I don't see many bloggers in my feed who voted Obama!

I'm proud to be an Obama-LOVING Democrat from Mississippi. :)

Eat. Live. Laugh. and sometimes shop! said...

OBAMA! But yes, only because Hil isn't on the ballot!!!

Glitterista said...

I was just saying yesterday how surprised I was to have every blog I read have a Mitt reference. Cheers to four more years of Barack! ;)


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