Saturday, November 3, 2012

I Made It To Mavis' Blog!

While I am off being a crank pot and doing something I don't want to do, outside in the cold, with people who don't want me to be there, you should stay inside and drink coffee and cocoa.  Spiked, perhaps.  And read blogs while waiting for football games to start.

Check this out!  Mavis, one of my favorite bloggers, featured my sad sad potato tale on her blog!  If you are new to her blog, go check it out.  She's pretty awesome and fun to read about.  Plus, she has chickens.  And I've recently told you about my chicken fantasy.  She's under 100 lbs away from growing 2000 lbs worth of food this year too.  Hello how cool beans is that?!

Back to me.  Wallowing in my misery.  Ugh.  Sometimes being a responsible grown up is zero percent fun. 

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