Thursday, April 26, 2012

Build Her Up

I've had a lot of conversations lately about how women treat women.  How it is socially acceptable to judge and belittle and criticize each other. 

And listen, I am no angel.  I have certainly found myself in my fair share of caddy discussions over the years.  It's easy to have a casual conversation quickly turn into salacious gossip without much effort. 

I'm not proud.

Actually fairly recently I found myself in that very situation.  But that evening I recognized what happened.  I recognized that I was wrong and possibly even offensive or unkind.  So I pulled up my big girl britches (those damn britches have been getting a lot of use lately!) and emailed an apology. 

I was embarrassed  by my behavior but also proud that I could recognize the need to change.  A sign of growth and age.

But the more I discuss this general topic, the more it concerns me that this is the wave of the future for women.  Cut throat.  Put each other down to raise ourselves up.  Throw blame on her to get the focus off me.  Have no conscious regarding the feelings toward others.  Critical of those feeling offended instead of owning our own offensive behaviors. 

There's not real point to this post.  More a realization on my part that I need to find ways to build up all the amazing women around me on a regular basis.  And encourage others to do the same. 


Wendy said...

I know exactly what you're talking about. I'm guilty too and there's no excuse for it.

Unknown said...

I think the more we call ourselves out on it and strongly take a stand - the less we'll find it affecting our day.

I know I've been in that position before and am so much happier when taking the right path and righting and wrongs I feel I may have caused.

KatiePerk said...

What an excellent post. I struggle with this too. You make a good point about trying to build others up!

Kate said...

As a nanny I see the whole SAHM vs working mom, breastfeeding vs formula fighting. Makes me sad because moms (all women!) really should be supporting each other and not bringing each other down

Susan R said...

Thank you for this and it is oh so unfortunate and true. I think women are more critical of other women.
In my morning prayers I always ask God to help me do/show some kindness to others and I ask Him to help me make Him proud.
I'm not sure I succeeded today. I sat in on a high school ASL class this afternoon for observation and all I wanted to do was put my boot up a couple of disrespectful girls a#*.
I'll try harder tomorrow.

Chic Genius said...

What a wonderful post!:)


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