Tuesday, April 17, 2012

You Know?

* You know how people eat ox tails?  Like ox tail soup and braised ox tails are real dishes on restaurant menus.  Do these said tails really come from oxen?  Does anyone eat the rest of the ox or just the tails?  I've never heard of other ox part dishes.  No ox butt roast or baby back ox ribs.  Just the wiggle waggle ox tail.  And how many times reading this did you have a second grade flashback of Oregon Trail?  Can you tell that I've never tasted ox tail?  That's probably blatantly obvious, huh?

* You know how when you are elbow deep in the middle of a project to file paperwork or re-organize your office or move furniture around, you feel like ever piece of paper exploded all over the room and you are suddenly paralyzed and have no earthly idea where to put any of this $hit?  So you decide instead just to give up for the night and eat another popsicle while watching Smash?  No?  Just me?  Sometimes I feel like my life is in a perpetual state of paper chaos.

* You know how you get to that point in life and realize you need to break up with a friend?  But not because friend is a bad person.  Friend is dramatic or high maintenance or needy or just not a good fit at this point in your life.  So you don't break up.  Because you can't explain why they are not a good fit in your life.  And we're girls who were raised to be sweet and kind and friendly.  Damn, being friendly is exhausting!  I always regret not just ripping off the band aid though and following through with a clean friend break up though.

* You know how you and your closest besties have a language?  Like you quote the same movies over and over.  And you assume that you can go out into the world with the same quirky chatter and quotes and garner the same response that your besties offer up.  Namely laughter.  Well I am here to tell you that not everyone can quote Beaches, Steel Magnolias, Fried Green Tomatoes and every Broadway show tip to tail.  Especially among teenagers in Upstate NY.  No one gets my Steel Magnolia soul around these parts.  "My colors are blush and bashful!"  "Her colors are pink and pink!"


cancersucks said...

My bestie and I live across the country from one another but laugh and laugh and act like we haven't seen each other in an hour each year when we get together! I have a neighbor friend I just can't bring myself to break up with. But I should.

REBrown said...

I've heard of ox tail stuff, but I'm never really sure what the are. Let me know when you find out!

AEOT said...

LOVE Smash- so does my husband! I'll put off pretty much anything to watch it :)

Anonymous said...

Lately I feel like I have so much digital paperwork and I can't find the one I need so I want to start printing and filing, but that's a whole different organization problem. Good luck with your organizing project!

Anonymous said...

This one is priceless Miss Crocodile, especially that part about the ox tails! I have asked almost the same questions!

Sending you a smile,


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