Tuesday, March 22, 2011


OK so several months ago I noticed an issue every time I tried to leave blog comments.  But I have been so busy and really am so behind on reading, let alone commenting on, blogs, that I let it go.  But the issue seems to still exist.  And I verified it is not my computer too.

When I leave comments, the letters I type and the letters that appear are not the same.  I can type a word six or more times before all of the typed letters appear.  It just skips letters.  And only when I comment.  Not when I type a post. 

This post I am typing now...just fine.  The comment I left a moment ago...had to re-type the darn thing three times.  It's super annoying.  Is anyone else experiencing this crazy issue leaving comments?  Is it just me?  It's getting old, that's for darn sure.  Oh and the issue is the same on both blogger and .com blogs.  Argh!


REBrown said...

I've never heard of this....I guess you are just special!

Ruth said...

i never have had that issue

caknitter said...

once I couldn't see the scrambled words but it had to do with javascript or something. Hope you find a solution soon.


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