Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Girls Are Back

**Spoiler Alert**

I started my weekend off right by reuniting with my four favorite New York women. No, not the Bravo housewives from NY and NY! Though did y'all catch the reference to them? Oh how I miss the ladies from Sex and the City! I didn't think the movie was quite as amazing as the first. And the scenes with the Abu Dhabi housewives as they were escaping the market was sort of dumb to me. Then again, I thought every scene with Jennifer Hudson last time was dumb. You can't win them all I guess. But overall I loved it. I laughed a LOT! I love love LOVED the wedding with Liza with a Z! Dressed in white "like a virgin." The singing chorus men and swans. Hilarious! The clothing was amazing as always. Loved seeing the girls in 80's get up. And I didn't even mind seeing Miley Cyrus (she bugs the heck out of me) as her scene was short and rather cute. And I loved the scene between Miranda and Charlotte sipping cocktails at the bar, talking mother to mother. Overall, I give it a two thumbs up. But did anyone else get the feeling that this really was the very end of the series? I sort of felt like they were stretching for material this time and would come up very empty handed if they attempted a third movie. That said, I'm sure I would go if they made a third. That's saying a lot considering I average 1-2 movies a year.


Trish {Pink Preppy Lilly Lover} said...

Hi PPC! How are you doing? I've been thinking about you, I know several of my blog friends have been by to see you, I loved Sara's Lilly wreath she bought from you!

I am off to see the movie tonight, can't wait, and I'm glad you enjoyed it! I've heard some of the reviews but I still can't wait to see it! Have a wonderful weekend!! :) xox

Suburban Princess said...

I dont know if they can pull a 3rd out of it...I am sure we would go to their movies until we have to use out walkers and oxygen tanks to get there lol but I think something drastic would need to happen to get more stuff out of them.

I loved the Real Housewives reference! Like all of my worlds coliding in Abu!

The convo at the bar made me cry - I remember when I had that same convo with a friend who has older children and it was such a relief to get it out and know I wasn't alone :O)

Miss Janice said...

They should have stayed in New York City! I liked the movie, but felt the same...that this might be the end and that makes me sad! They could have made it awesome. Just the girls, NY, bars, restaurants, shopping, husbands/lovers, jobs...that's all they should have covered.

Anonymous said...

I liked it but I wasn't head over heels about it. The first movie felt like a continuation of the series, but this one felt like a movie (if that makes sense). The swans were hysterical and so perfectly over-the-top. My only complaint was that it was outside New York so we didnt get as many lovely wide angle Manhattan shots.

Annabel Manners said...

It's hard to imagine them coming up with enough material for a 3rd installment. I laughed a lot too, though some of the scenes in the middle east were really uncomfortable. I agree with Miss Janice -- I like seeing the ladies in NYC!

Susan R said...

I have never seen a single episode of SATC, is it good? You probably need special cable channels yeah?

Aspiring Kennedy said...

i thought it was a bit of a stretch, too... but, i still liked it! eek. i'm a hopeless addict. :)


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