Friday, April 30, 2010

For Sale

So we all know how it goes. Several years ago I was having a thin few months and bought a few items "knowing" that in a few more months they would fit. Clearly that is the logical response. Instead I gained 40 lbs. And then I bought a few things that either look better on the hanger than on me or just never were worn. So before I put them up on ebay, I'll try asking here to see if any of y'all might actually fit into these items right now. I am more than happy to combine shipping for multiple items. Just send me an email at and I will email a Paypal bill.

Forgive me for this being so long, feel free to skip this post if it in any way offends you. I'm simply trying to slim down my closet of cute clothes that realistically have not been worn ever or in more than a year. Feel free to contact me about any questions, measurements, etc. I know I say this all the time, but if I can get through this weekend, my college kids should need me a whole lot less (famous last words!) and I can get back to more regular blog writing and reading.


The critter cords, both Lilly Pulitzer size 12, were worn only a few times. Twice maybe? Super soft. Both are stretchy so they are, ahem, very forgiving shall we say.

Green with navy whales $15. Plus $5 SH. SOLD

Pink with green bees $15. Plus $5 SH. SOLD

Aqua shorts with green Lilly palm. Lilly Pulitzer size 8. Worn once. Like new. $12 + $5 SH.

Yellow with pink and orange sea shells capri pants. Lilly Pulitzer size 10. Gently worn, no stains or marks. $10 + $5 SH. SOLD

Patch print capri pants that include Elefrance and crabs and lemon/lime prints. New without tags. The back label is torn- see photo. I never wore the pants though. Lilly Pulitzer size 8. $20 + $5 SH. SOLD

Blue, green and white daisy print capri pants. Gently worn, no stains or marks. The cream/yellow flower actually glows in the dark. A novelty I never really found a use for other than giggling the first two times I wore them. I would hold them up to my bathroom light and then turn it off. I'm guessing the peeps at Lilly figured out that grown women didn't need their pants to glow so they stopped making this fabric. Ha! But they look regular so I swear you will never know the secret powers of your pants! Lilly Pulitzer size 10. $15 + $5 SH. SOLD

Tan/khaki with aqua, green and black flower print capri pants. Ann Taylor size 8. $8 + $5 SH.

Paisley print capri pants. Soft and fuchsia pinks, aqua blues, yellow, orange, green and white. New with tags attached, never worn. Bushwacker size 10. $20 + $5 SH.

So this was one of my "if I lose a few more" dresses. Lilly Pulitzer Joss Dress in Phipps Pink Hat Parade print. Brand new with tag attached, never worn. MSP on tag $248. Lilly Pulitzer size 4. A fabulous light weight cotton/silk blend with adjustable straps and a beautiful neckline. The print is amazing but the chances of me dropping down to a size 4 are slim to none so my gained weight is your gained Lilly dress! $85 + $5 SH.

Lilly Pulitzer Gisele Caftan Printed. New with tag attached, never worn. MSP on tag $198. 100% linen. Beautiful and light weight. Large pink flowers with aqua and green parrots. Timeless. Lilly Pulitzer size Medium. $75 + $5 SH.

Kate Spade tote bag in green with black handles and black interior. Dust bag included. Purchased from Kate Spade, not ebay or another online source. Gently worn, no tears or stains. Interior zip pocket. $20 + $12 SH. SOLD

Lilly Pulitzer Classic Shift in Palm Green Low Riders fabric. Green background with blue, aqua and purple horses and monkey jockeys. Perfect for summer races! New with tag attached, never worn. MSP on tag $162. Pockets and bottom hem have adorable pom poms. Size 4 (another one of my "in 10 lbs" dresses). $65 + $5 SH.

Nautica skirt. New with tag attached and never worn. I'm not even sure why I never wore this last summer. It's really pretty linen/cotton blend and fully lined in another linen/cotton blend. Very flattering with the flat yolk above the pleats. I think that's what the flat part is called? Anyway, it's pretty and light weight and the MSP on tag is $119. Zips at side. $22 + $5 SH.

Lilly Pulitzer Georgie Skirt Reversible. Green and white stripe seersucker with two toned pink embroidered monkies on one side and blue and white stripe seersucker on the other side. Two skirts in one- reversible wrap skirt. New with tag attached, never worn. MSP on tag $178. Missing one button on the blue side. I have no idea where it might be- I never noticed it was missing. So if I find it, I'll be sure to attach it but at the time being, it's not there. Size 6 but fits a small 8 too. $50 + $5 SH.

Lilly Pulitzer Colleen Dress Printed with Daiquiri Pink Between The Lines. Brand new with tag attached and purchased recently from RueLaLa. The tag MSP is $278, I paid @$90 before shipping, and it can be yours for $80 + $5 SH. I adore it but just didn't love it on me as much as on the hanger. The fabric is fabulous though and the belt could be worn without the dress as a headband or with jeans. Size 10. SOLD


KellyV said...

what size is the last dress?

Susan R said...

Holy heck! You must have a closet full of clothes if you're getting rid of all this. I wouldn't have anything left. If I thought I would fit into any of these things I would buy them, but alas.....5 children later and my body will never be the same.

House Queen said...

What size is the last dress? You have so many great things girl!!!

meyerprints said...

Suzanne said...

Wow, what beautiful items!

xo Queen Bee xo said...

Hey there,
So nice of you to share with us before ebay!
I am interested in a few of your treasures & will email you about them. :)

Stacy said...

I am offended! Offended that the Kate Spade bag sold so quickly! Ach!

the pink prep said...

oh what goodies you have!! what size is the nautica skirt... i really like that one! thanks!

Miss Janice said...

I LOVE the Palm Green Low Riders dress and would take it in a minute in a size 10. Size 4...way too small for me:(


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