Monday, April 12, 2010

Boys Wear Lilly Too

One of my most requested orders is for Lilly Pulitzer fabric baby boy bibs (say that five times fast!). So I finally put several up on my etsy site to offer a little something for folks who don't want to work with me on a custom order. And since my weekend sort of blew up in my face and I am truly exhausted (so not a good sign given that it is only Monday), this is the closest thing y'all will get to a post from me today. I promise I am working on securing a better attitude and better blog posts!

And this last one isn't boy bib, rather a girly pink Lilly fabric cupcake bib that I think is stinkin' cute. Backed in terry cloth, which is not my normal bib backing. I'm all kinds of crazy like that!


Suburban Princess said...

Adorable! My son is past the bib stage but I wish I had seen these when I needed them!

Preppy Mama said...

Oh my these are adorable!! As a lilly lover with only boys this is right up my alley!! Love them!!

erica said...

oh my gosh how cute! My friend just had a little boy I should have got him one of these bibs

AJLinBoston said...

Super cute! A friend of mine is expecting a baby boy in June and one of these bibs might make the perfect congratulations gift :)

Stacy said...

As someone who has received one of these bibs in the past, they are the best! They are so absorbent and have lasted forever. Ben is 18 months, and it still fits! And, for some reason mine is very stain resistant. Must be that Preppy Pink Croc magic!


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