Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Still Here....Just Busy and Sicky

I'm alive! Mostly. I was busy and then got sick and am now busy again and starting to feel sick. Again. Which is annoying. I mean, I'm never sick when I have nothing better to do but curl up in bed with the remote control and stack of magazines. I read blogs though via my blackberry in bed. Because for the several days after Thanksgiving, I felt too sicky to even get out of bed when not absolutely necessary. Thank goodness for a sweet Daddy who walked the furry grandchild for a few days. She prefers him over me anyway. So she was fine. Not to worry. Anyway, if you feel slighted that I didn't comment, fear not because I did read. For whatever reason I can only comment on certain blogs via my blackberry. Is it me or do y'all also lose "followers" when you take a longer than usual blog break? Always happens. And I know its petty, but it totally bums me out. I am only even taking time to blog tonight because losing followers makes me feel guilty. I know, I know, a therapist's couch is in my near future!

My Thanksgiving was lovely though. Not nearly as fabulous as my "famous" DC thanksgiving many moons ago. Picture it. Teeny tiny apartment. Big turkey. Arguably one of the best turkeys of all time. Thanks to Martha and her recipe goodness, of course. And every bloody side dish that goes along with it. Two kinds of potatoes. Because that's how this carb happy fool rolls. Two kinds of pie. The only store bought item was gravy because at the time I didn't know how to make it. Because I think it's disgusting. So I bought a fancy jar. That I forgot to even open. So no one was even offered gravy. I think there were a whopping four of us to eat this feast. Sitting on the floor around my coffee table. Did I mention my apartment was teeny tiny? Damn I loved that place! I miss being about 30 feet from Eastern Market. Anyway, it was one of my very favorite Thanksgivings. It was actually the very first Thanksgiving that I fully enjoyed. Very first. B (that stands for bench) was there. Miss her too! Anyway, this year was nice. Up in the mountains with family. I made the pies. And cake balls. Which were a royal disaster. No idea what went wrong with the chocolate coating- maybe the moist cake kept it from hardening? I have no idea but they were not super popular. Whatever. My pies were the shining stars as always. Two magic pumpkin (because they make even non-pumpkin pie lovers into fans) and two humongo apple. And two pints worth of whipped cream. Man, do I love my pink stand mixer! She did all the cream whipping for me this year. Fabulous.

I have a super full weekend- a craft show (wish me luck- these rarely go well for me) and then my town's annual Stroll. But I will be back soon. I really do promise. I've not fallen off the face of the earth. So don't leave me, sweet friends! Don't stop, belivin'.... Ha ha, just kidding.


KK said...

I hope you are feeling better soon. I can only comment on certain blogs from my iphone. Its very strange. Good luck this weekend!

Susan R said...

Hey....this blog thing is for you, so don't cave under the pressure of "followers". I only have 11 and it really doesn't matter. My blog is for me, I enjoy it. If someone else enjoys it and finds something useful or fun in it, well......that's a bonus.
Now how about those pies? WOW! Those are a work of art. Sorry you are not feeling well. I wish I could make you a pot of chicken soup. That would cure what ails ya.

DC GOP Girl said...

I lost a bunch of followers recently when I started a new job and didn't have the time to blog - oh well!

But glad to hear you're well and had a good Thanksgiving.

Good luck this weekend!

KatiePerk said...

Feel better! Good luck at the craft show!

KatiePerk said...

Feel better! Good luck at the craft show!

Headbands and Hand Bags said...

You are in good company miss sicky! I do not have a voice today! It can be rough! Hope you are on the mend soon! Your pies look amazing!!

Princess Freckles said...

I hope you feel better soon! I was thinking of making cake balls for a work Christmas party, but I'm not sure I have the patience! I kow they are very complicated. Maybe a pie?

Anonymous said...

Oh I hope you feel better! And I have the same problem with my blackberry - it's really quite annoying when I'm on the road and don't bring my laptop. Hope the craft show goes well!

Emily Allen said...

Good luck for your craft show!

Regarding unis in the uk, the government pay a large percentage of our tution (from taxes etc) then as a uk home student we pay just over £3k a year, so thats like $5k I think. Plus you have halls of residence fees etc. It's so cheap compared to what you have to pay for American colleges - I hear it can be like $20k a year?!

Pulp Revolution said...

Well, I just added myself as a follower.
Sorry you're sick, I'm fighting a cold away (and possibly winning)
The pies look amazing.
Good luck at the craft show!

Rachel H. said...

I was sick over the holidays too...It totally sucked, because I felt terrible, but I didn't feel bad enough to stay in bed all weekend. :) So, hope you are back to 100%!


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