Monday, December 14, 2009

I Found It!

I'm watching Jennifer Hudson's Christmas special on ABC and she is doing a fabulous job with my very favorite Christmas song of all time. Ever. Oh Holy Night. Sung by a tenor at midnight on Christmas Eve and I am usually in tears. But she's doing great too. But little things bug me. Like that song she sang with her cousins. Sounded fantastic but what was with all the crap behind them on the mantel. They couldn't clear it off for the one song they sang standing there?

So the craft show was fine. I did not do well but it was walking distance from my home so that made up for it. It meant I didn't need to get up at like 4AM to trek my cold booty to far away lands. I have signed up and paid for one more show this year (this coming weekend- same location as last weekend) and two early next year (one late Jan and one mid Feb). And then I will likely call it quits again with the craft shows. They just have never been successful for me. More a pain in the butt than anything else.

People say wacky things too. Like most people think the ice cream cozies are adorable. Even if they don't want one, they smile and think they are cute. But then there are others. A woman two weeks ago went on and on about how unhealthy it is to eat ice cream from the container and how you should never eat that much ice cream. And on and on and on. I wanted to tell her to step off, that I wasn't forcing anyone to eat an entire container, and that it was possible to buy fat free and low sugar and soy products. But I didn't. I just smiled. I got a few of those this week too. And several people sort of yelling at me that I had a Ben and Jerry's carton on display instead of a Stewarts (or local gas station that also has their own ice cream - it started out as a creamery and is very good and much less expensive). Um, if I ate Stewarts would it make you buy one? Probably not. They would likely find something else to complain about. This week a woman was looking at bibs and making all these disgusted faces. I think she maybe didn't like my fabric choices? Because I don't use baby specific fabrics that say like "ABC 1 2 3" and stuff. I use lobsters and crabs and fish and stripes. Finally after making horrified faces (like a foot and half in front of me, mind you) for about 4 or 5 minutes, she sort of proclaimed that these were for babies (in a shocked tone)?! Yes ma'am, they are baby bibs. For babies. She walked away. Can't win 'em all, clearly. At least she made me laugh (after she was out of sight of course).

So in reference to my title. While I was cleaning up the remains of that pile of junk I pulled out of those boxes a few days ago, I found this portfolio thingy- that I use for travel to keep all documents together. And what was mixed in the now garbage? My missing birth certificate! My passport actually expired years ago and I have been wanting to get it renewed. But I was missing my birth certificate. Clearly I was missing it for longer than I realized because it was last used for a cruise I took with Little at least five years ago! Thank goodness I found it!


Sarah said...

Oh people are too funny sometimes. Yes, you are really trying to force people to eat the whole container! Shame on you! How dare you make coasters that allow them to do so in comfort! =D

AJLinBoston said...

I feel your craft fair pain! Some people say the weirdest (and very impolite) things! Last Saturday was my mom and I's last fair of the winter and it was not a great finish to the year: the vendor next to us started yelling at us because he and his wife were over the line and into our space! I've been meaning to post about it, but am still too annoyed to put it into adequate words!

Anonymous said...

Ugh people are obnoxious! However that's awesome that you found your birth certificate.

adozeneggs said...

Oh you should hear the things people say to me in the shop.
It's outrageous.
Sorry the craft show was crappy. If it makes you feel any better, we've never done well at any of those craft/artist market or farmer's market things with the cookies. We've totally given up on them.


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