Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Little Update On Last Night

I have more things to share but wanted to quickly thank everyone for your sweet comments yesterday regarding my new(er) JL chapter. Last night went much much better than anything I have previously attended. I felt a lot more comfortable and chatted with women in my same age group and state of life the whole time. A great improvement over past experiences! I still do not have a placement, which I find super annoying. But I signed up for a few DIAD things so hopefully I will find some familiar faces to befriend that way until someone gives me a committee.

Oh but let me tell you this totally embarrassing thing that happened too. So I walked in right on time- even though I tried to be a few minutes late. The first 30 mins were social and when I don't know a soul, I don't enjoy being the first one to show up just so that I can awkwardly stand around staring at my cup of Diet Coke. Lucky for me there were a few women there ahead of me. I saw a sign in sheet and then a big box of typed up name tags. I saw my name (misspelled as usual!) and pinned it on and walked over to a group of gals to introduce myself. All was going quite well until it was time for the meeting to start. I sat down next to a girl who has been in the league for 15 years but who was a lot of fun to chitty chat. Now I pinned the name tag to my scarf because I was too cold at first to take it off. I looked down at my scarf/name tag only to realize that I was not wearing MY name tag. Totally wearing someone else's name tag. Turns out they didn't misspell my name as it was totally NOT MY NAME! For 30 minutes I chatted it up and introduced myself to every woman who walked near me. For 30 minutes they all must have thought, good golly who the heck is this crazy lady pretending to be someone else?! I was (and still am) so embarrassed. But there was nothing I could do at that point as we had a full agenda. Let's hope next month I avoid impersonating people I don't even know!!


Scottie Mom said...

I did JL in a smaller league as an older single girl (not right out of college) so I often was one of the few "not married and no kiddies". I also loathed the social time as I am horrible with names and usually brain dead from work. It turns out most of the people were in the same boat. Hang in there! I did make some of my best friends and memories from the smaller JL. Kudos to you initiating conversation--even if under a pseudonym.

Posh Peach said...

Hi there! I just had a meet-and-greet with my JL in Orlando that I am planning to join last night. I agree it is always awkward walking around trying to find someone to talk to. Luckily mine went ok. I hope you get a placement soon, good luck!

CRICKET said...

i went to my first alumni sorority function in Fall and its nice to have that under my belt. the second function was even easier so i am hoping the third one next month will be even easier.

Anonymous said...

This is pretty funny Miss Crocodile! You know what? Every time (and we mean *every*) we have to go to a function like this we are so uncomfortable it is amazing. Stand up and talk to several thousand people? Not a problem. Walk into a group of ten? Off the chart introvert.

You are wonderful to initiate all of this!


University of Iowa Meg said...

Ohhh :( I have always been intrigued on how you get involved with JL- could you enlighten me? People shouldn't care about what happened- if they do, then they're not worth being a part of! :) But it's funny about the name tag....people always misspell Meghan!

Posh Peach said...

Thanks so much for your encouragement about Junior League. When I went in their house, I was thinking the same thing, a Big Girl Sorority! Haha I love that! That's great you're going to stick it out!


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