Saturday, August 16, 2008

Icy Pops

I stumbled upon this super fun website this evening while waiting for more Olympic goodness and knew I had to share it with y'all. Not only would it be fun to make these pops for kids but also for a grown-up event too. She has a book but her website is full of ideas and recipes and fabulous pictures of these fantastic creations. Enjoy!


lml said...

how fun are those?!

Lisa said...

Hey PPC. I saw your comment on Fluffy Muffy about not knowing about how to do the background. I used the website They have the best backgrounds and all you have to do is add the html code to your side bar. go to their website and click on 'free backgrounds', scroll through the 200+ they have then click on the one you want. By the way: The have tons that are pink and green :) Let me know if I can help you any. I love to change my backgorund and do it a lot. I have issues with things being the same for too long!

I love your blog name by the way! So cool and so fun!!

Pink Flamingo said...

TOO cute!! My oldest would have a ball making these...thanks for sharing! :)


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