Friday, August 15, 2008

No More Bella

Why-oh-why is Bella Caroli still commentating for NBC's coverage of woman's gymnastics?! WHY! I cannot understand anything he is saying. I know he is an expert and a wealth of knowledge. But if I can't understand him, what's the point? I saw MaryLou in the audience. Grab her and have her commentate. I'm just saying....


Bridget said...

I agree with you 100% - I try so hard to translate but my efforts are futile :)

Anonymous said...

Oh Miss PPC, what a great post!

You know, we would be surprised if NBC retained his services again in the future... I don't know. He has great insight and knowledge and obviously an inside track, but geeze, understanding him, especially when he is excited (and he is easily excited) is next to impossible. But wasn't it a blast watching that?!

Have a great weekend,

pink and green anchors said...

I LOVE BELLA!!!!!!!!


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