Wednesday, January 23, 2008

O How Cute!

While searching for something to keep me entertained while working my way through a huge stack of ironing the other day I stumbled upon the cutest new show. On a channel I never watch- mainly because even a 1/2 second glimpse of an abused dog or kitty or donkey or whatever sends me into a fit and an extended "ugly" cry. Ugh- I can't stand to see that stuff and don't understand in the least why they put those horrid shows on the air. But I digress.... Perhaps the Animal Planet realizes that they need shows that don't make me sob and they created the cutest little show all about Orangutans. Now I am not like a super uber animal person. I love LOVE dogs but really beyond that I have no desire to momma other species of animals. But this show is just too cute. All of the Orangutans have such darling and distinctive personalities. It's like Real World really but without all the sluttyness. And since there is nothing else to watch with this writer's strike....I am now officially a big Orangutan Island Fan!

But my city is cold and I have spent many hours lately flipping for something to keep me occupied. And I have really come up with more questions than answers. For example...

Who is Kim Kardashian (spl?) and why does she have a TV show?

Why does Kim Kardashian's mother dress like a hooker when she seems to have the funds for both a proper top and bottom to be worn at the same time?

Why do those parents let their young daughters take turns playing on a stripper pole?

What is the Hollywood obsession with stripper poles and general trashiness?

Why doesn't Britney at least brush that mop of hair on her head?

Why is Donny Osmond still making me listen to him on Entertainment Tonight? Marie is no longer on DWTS and surely you must have a life somewhere doing something, right?

Am I the only one who finds Tom Cruise to be scary? Not annoying- I mean wifebeater scary!

Do the "Real Housewives of Orange County" talk about anything other than money? I am pretty sure at least three of them would sell their offspring for bigger houses.

How exciting is it that there is a new Real World/Road Rule Challenge coming up? I have not watched either RW or RR is probably eight plus years but I love the challenge. Or really I just love to see that there are people on the challenge that I still recognize. They are that old and still trying to squeak out a living from a cable show they were on ten years ago. I hope Beth is back. Real World #1 representing! Love it!

Does Flavor Flave not own a watch? That clock necklace thing seems cumbersome.

Does Britney own and know how to use a coffee maker? It's not all that difficult to learn. It would save her a lot of Starbucks change to just make it at home. I challenge the little train wreck to stay off my TV screen for just one day to see if the world implodes from lack of up-to-the-minute updates of her life spiral.


Buford Betty said...

As your favorite Brit expert, I will answer the Britney questions so you can mark those off your list. As far as the hair, she can't physically brush it since she has that cheap-ass weave going on. Second, if she made her own coffee, that would be one less opportunity for the paparazzi to photograph her. Now that's her real fuel - the sbux is just a decoy.

I will have to find this monkey show... I love all things monkey!!!

Kate said...

"Who is Kim Kardashian and why does she have a TV show?"

The Kardashian girls went to my high school and they really are as dumb as they seem. The Kardashian dad (now dead) was one of OJ's lawyers and her stepdad is that old athlete guy. I really have no idea why they are famous. Bizarre. The only thing I care about is that Brody Jenner is her step brother.

"Why doesn't Britney at least brush that mop of hair on her head?"
A friend saw her and said she has tons of bald spots and is just generally gross. Plus like Betty said- she has a weave.

redapes said...

I'm so glad to hear you're enjoying "Orangutan island" so much!
I invite you to visit the Orangutan Outreach website:
We are a US-based non-profit and we raise much needed funds for Nyaru Menteng, the orphanage depicted on the show.

Maybe you'd like to virtually adopt a baby orangutan? :-)

Regards, Rich

Richard Zimmerman
Director, Orangutan Outreach
Reach out and save the orangutans!

Tres Poshe Preppy said...

Love your list! :)

Libby said...

Does Flavor Flav not own a watch? Ha!

Perhaps there a spot for rude girl on Orangutan Island, since they likely have better manners than her perhaps she would learn a thing or two! ;)


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