Thursday, January 24, 2008

Turn That Frown Upside Down

After frustrating conversations with a girl who is crazy disrespectful and ungrateful for all I am trying to do for her that is above and beyond what she deserves and qualifies for, I ran over to Target. I was just ready to scream after dealing with all that sorority mumbo jumbo and needed a break. Now I am a little bitter with Target at the moment as they have been teasing me for weeks now with cute shorts and bathing suits. It is only January Target and we reside in Upstate NY. Maybe those FL, CA or TX folks can dream of bikinis and flip flops but winter will likely hang around my town for several more months. Or until like April or May to be realistic. It's not fair to tease me with things I cannot have. But while I feel my friend Target is being cruel, they are also making me love them for showing me pretty colors. I am just not at all a fan of drab "winter" colors. I don't wear maroon and hunter green. I have nothing against them- they just don't feel like me. Oh I might be shoveling snow but I am wearing pinks and greens and bright colors. I don't care if they are not seasonal colors- they make me happy.

But Target delivered big today. They have the most darling cotton cable knit sweaters in the yummiest colors for only $19.99. I will be back for sure to buy several other colors but today I branched out a bit and went with this pretty pretty aqua blue.

This cardigan in black and another in yellow with a pink/blue argyle print. I wear cardigans buttoned up as shirts and as a sweater and tied around my neck. They are a staple in my wardrobe and these are all on sale for $8.48. Can't beat that!

And this cute pink stripe top (light weight sweater) that was also on sale for $8.48! Totally wearing this tomorrow with jeans!

Oh sure, I still have to deal with little miss ungratefully rude. But right now I am super excited about my cutie tops. I have the hardest time finding tops that fit and flatter so this was a BIG find for me today. Woo-hoo! Gotta love that Tar-jay!


Buford Betty said...

Very cute finds! Target's always good for a little pick-me-up.

Kate said...

Such good finds! I may have to stock up on the cardigans too.

TCP said...

Those are really cute finds. But I agree...spring is still a loooong way off. And you know that when it finally does roll around, Tar-jay will be all out of the cute swim suits!


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