Sunday, January 27, 2008

Bridesmaid Bags

A few days after Christmas '07 I was the Maid of Honor for the wedding of my childhood best friend in Florida. She is more like a sister and her family is my Florida family. I have always called her aunts and uncles Aunt Soandso... I was truly honored to be the MOH- even if it was my third time MOH-ing (The first was bestie- I should do a blog on how that even happened one day. Funny story. And the second was Little in Hawaii a month before.). When I get more pictures from the wedding week, I will be sure to share them and more stories. It was a fantastic week with friends and family!

But I was so busy in the fall that I forgot to post pictures of the bags the bride ordered as bridesmaid gifts. Super cute. This is one of the first two bags I designed years ago and is the bride's namesake. Chocolate brown fabric on the outside and a light canvas print of green, brown and cream paisley on the inside. Chocolate brown grosgrain ribbon on the outside too. My favorite was the mini bag for the flower girl. Nothing fancy but the bride wanted something that coordinate with her wedding colors (that same green and cream) but could be used with jeans and flats in the future.

I just got home from my big monthly sorority meeting and all went well. That's the thing though. The girls I meet with regularly are super motivated, bright, sweet, active and follow rules. I love them. They are adorable and totally brighten my day. Working with them is truly a pleasure. (Y'all must be dying of shock about now because I am usually only bitching about my sorority girls!) And so many of the girls in the chapter are awesome. It's just that select few who just bring it all down. Ugh! Why do some people have to make life so difficult. Being in a sorority should teach you to be part of a team, not a sense of snotty entitlement. Today's meeting was nice though so I am trying to focus on that. Focus on the positive!


Buford Betty said...

Love the bags! :-)

Hemstitch & Hydrangea said...

I love the bags and so nice you are still involved with your sorority- mine meant so much to me and I should find a chapter out here in illinois to get on AAB for- I was a KD.


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