Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Walking Pneumonia

Two weekends ago I went down to my old 'hood in DC to visit friends and attend the wedding of one of my most special girls. And I have wanted to tell you all about it ever since I attempted to return that Sunday afternoon. But like thousands of others all along the East coast, I spent hours upon hours attempting to get home as flights were being cancelled and airports closed due to severe thunder and lightening storms. I could go on and on about the drama that ensued due to total lack of organization and preparation from the airlines (damn you, US AIRWAYS!). I could talk for hours on the misery that surrounded the masses of stranded passengers trying to re-claim their luggage (it only took me THREE hours- I say only because I know of others who waited for FIVE just to be told that they had no idea where to locate their luggage!) or the number of hours we were required to stand in tight clumps the following day waiting for again delayed flights in the over-crowded terminals. Or the crazy things the flight attendants would yell over the loud speaker ("do not look at the computers- they are all wrong!" or "don't ask us questions, ask your neighbor because they know what is going on and can answer your questions" or "do not leave this spot to find a seat or get a snack because we when we tell you to get on the plane you will miss the call and will then miss the flight"). So instead of my carefully selected flight home mid afternoon on Sunday (carefully selected to ensure that I would be home to walk my Preppy Puppy before dinner but not too early to allow for the hangover I would have after the wedding and post-wedding activities), I arrived home famished after not eating all day (see above note from flight attendants! And they were so serious about it too so you better believe none of us (us as in me and my new best airport friends who were so close that upon landing in Albany we exchanged hugs) left our spots in front of the "magic" stairs that led to the lucky flights that were taking off that day!) at dinner time on Monday.

I knew I was tired but it was understandable considering I spent about 27 hours trying to get home. I went to bed early on Monday just wanting to wake up Tuesday fresh and ready to start my delayed week. BUT INSTEAD....I woke up feeling miserable! And after a few days of coughing myself into a state of total misery and barely being able to leave my bed, I went to the doctor. A respiratory infection. But a few more days and no improvement brought me back to the doctor just to find out that it was now classified as a severe respiratory infection/walking pneumonia. I have had drugs in me for a while now- the codine is fab and makes me all loopy. And I am getting better (or feeling less horrible?) but am still fairly bed-bound and coughing up a lung every 15 mins. I slept a little last night- which is more than I can say for the past week. It was not the best quality or most comfortable sleep ever, but something is better than nothing in my book. I'll take it!

I have to get back in bed now but I promise to get back to my beloved blog land soon with stories of my short but fab DC weekend, pics and details on the most fab prize box that arrived just in time to put a big smile on my face and other happenings on the Preppy Pink Crocodile front.


Buford Betty said...

I can't imagine... ugh!!! What misery. I'm so glad you're starting to feel somewhat better though. I've missed you!!!

Olivia: (mostly) Happy Homemaker said...

Poor thing! Feel better soon!

Michelle said...

I hope you are feeling better! BTW, I just moved back to GA from Upstate NY 3 years ago and lived a stones throw away from the airport in Albany [well technically of course, the airport is in Colonie]! I guess I never noticed that you are in Upstate (or I forgot...which is common with me these days!). (((hugs)))

Sisters with Style said...

A little late here. Hopefully you are feeling better by now. Have a great weekend.

Perfectly Plump Preppy 2.0 said...

Hope you are feeling better!

tulipmom said...

Hope this finds you feeling more like yourself again. What a travel nightmare!

Thanks for your sweet comment last week.


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