Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Quit Leaving Me!

OK, for the third time in two weeks, one of my daily reads has gone private. Waaahhhh! Sniff! I'm so sad I don't get to read your of your daily crafts, fabu shopping deals and life rants. And I am starting to take it a little personally with so many in such a short time leaving me. Why did you go private Grosgrain Garage? I love your blog! If anyone else decides to go private, please let me know so I can profess my blog love to you. Oh that's right, blogs have totally become my addiction this summer. I never even log onto myspace anymore. Nope, fun blogs in shades of pink and green are my drug of choice. And fabric. And ribbon. And shoes. And bags. And ice cream. Sheesh....I have a disturbingly large number of addictions!


Michelle said...

I have had a couple do that as well! AND I have had a couple of sweeties leave comments and then I wanted to visit with them and their spot was private...just come sit by me, girlfriend!

lisagh said...

If you email me, I'll add you to the list... it was very sweet reading of your blog love! xoL

Tammy B said...

Lisagh, I miss you also. I don't have your email address. You can email me at tammy_bradford@hotmail.com.

Lily Goodwin said...

I promise you I'll never go private... Cheer up, there are million of pink and green stuff out there.


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