Wednesday, August 29, 2007

New Boots

I spent the last two weeks dog sitting for my cousin Kim who went up to their camp in VT for two weeks with the family. Last year they only had Blizzie, the black lab. But six months ago Kim's good friend passed away with no one in her family stepping up to adopt Daisy, the yellow lab. So Daisy found her new home at Kim's with her hubby and two adorable boys. Both dogs were adopted over the age of seven and really lucked out with such a great, dog-loving family. But Daisy has never been very fond of my baby girl, Sadie Kate. I wasn't about to live without her for two weeks though so I decided that Daisy would learn to love, or at least tolerate, her cousin. I mean, we all have that family member who we might never chose to be friends with but have to learn to tolerate because we are related and share holiday meals. Daisy is no different. Or so I told myself.

It did work. I mean, they are not best friends forever. But Sadie is so sweet and innocent and simply doesn't understand the concept of another dog feeling anything less than love for her. Sadie and the girls had a ball on our walks and watching me water Kim's many gardens.

But as this is a fairly boring story, I am really only telling you this so that I can show off part of my thank you prezzie. I have wanted a fun pair of wellies for a while now. I am not sure I would wear them if I lived in the south as they might be too hot but up here, I will use them a lot. In the spring I bought a pair of ballet flat rain shoes too. Aren't these wellies adorable? So me! Unfortunately, I will get a LOT of use out of them in the Fall. At least I'll look cute tromping around in the inevitable rain and slush.


Buford Betty said...

Oh I just love wellies!!! Those are so cute! And I love all the doggie pics. So sweet!

Michelle said...

Love those boots!

Lily Goodwin said...

AWESOME boots! I want a pair too!!!!


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