Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Vineyard Vines Goodness

Thank you, Connecticut Prep, for tipping me off to the new shipment of Vineyard Vines at Marshalls of all places! I went but was not expecting much. After all, when friends and bloggers in other states boast of finding fabulous items at TJ Maxx and Marshalls, I will rush over and come home empty-handed. I have never found Lilly or VV or anything else fun at these stores. But I was out running errands and would be close to not one, but two Marshalls stores. The first store had nothing but the second store....Woo Hoo! At least one of the skirts (the red one) is going back- it's a size too big and I have decided I don't want to deal with having it taken in. And I need to look at the pants again to see if they fit well or if they are in the same category with the red skirt. But I am sooooo excited to see all of my pretty finds! Yipee!!


Stefanie said...

That's awesome!! I think I'll make a trip to Marshalls today, though I doubt I'll find any VV here.

Suburban prep said...

I went to Marshalls on Saturday and then again today (was in the area) and well you did better than I did. I kept the checkbook in the purse.

Anonymous said...

We can all thank Tulip Mom because I got the tip from her! You got some great stuff! I also picked up that blue lobster skirt but thought - blue lobsters?! Nah. I regret not getting the orange polo though.

mac said...
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