Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Happy Closet

I finally finished switching out my winter/summer clothing. I know y'all down South are thinking, "you just now did this? It's the middle of June already!!" But you see, in my mini Arctic Circle we are really just now entering summer. Sad but true! Anyhoo... I also did my usual purge of old clothes that I no longer love, I will never again fit in or the worst....things I never ever wore. I am so embarrassed to admit that every year I have a small pile of stuff that still has tags attached- never ever worn. That is so terrible! You would think I would learn- but every year the same thing happens. And I am a "returner" too (is that even a word? one who returns is my definition)- I have no problem returning even small items if it means getting something out of the house that I will never use. But even though I am a returner, I am still stuck with the few lost items that never get worn and never get returned.

I did feel so great to get everything bagged up to take to Goodwill later this week. I also love a closet that feels like it is full of brand new clothes. Little lost loves that have come back to visit for this all-too-brief season. Style and color coordinated- it looks like candy to my eyes! I would take a picture but my digital camera is dying a slow death. I am on a mission to buy a new one this week.

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