Friday, June 29, 2007

Antique Show

Wow- it has been an embarrassingly long time since my last post. At first I just had nothing fun and fancy to post about. But then life got busy (as it always does!) and I just have not taken the time to sit down and post. I have not even looked at many of your blogs lately. I have some reading to catch up on this weekend for sure! I'm sorry I was such a Blog slacker!

So last week, weekend and the start of this week kept me very busy helping my cousin's at an antique show about 30 mins north of my house. My entire family is all about old stuff. I actually love antiques and know a considerable amount about them for a girl who detests the process of "antique-ing!" There is absolutely NOTHING I have ever enjoyed about driving all over the mountains (read: carsickness) to look through old barns (read: allergies due to generations of dust AND the possibility of seeing creatures like barn mice and the like) for crocks (as if anyone in my family "needs" another blue crock) and hutches (seriously, how many can one person even fit in a house?) and servers (my father has three and never even uses the formal dining room). As I said, I do love knowing something has had years of life before coming to my home. I love knowing that a great piece of furniture is 200+ years old and still standing strong, as opposed to anything I ever buy from Ikea that falls apart after less than two years. But I prefer to tell Daddy what I want and have him come home with it from an auction that I do not have to attend myself. I know, I am a spoiled Daddy's girl. But I hardly think I am even close to being in the same league as Paris or Nicole. Do they even know what biedermeier is??

Anyhow- the antique show. It was an amazing weekend weather-wise! It was cool and sunny and very low humidity. Delish! They had a huge booth and it was in the best, most central location. They didn't make millions but they were all able to get rid of some stuff that was taking up too much room in their homes. Oh, the people watching was awesome! And we really just had a ball together. All of my cousins are much older than me- they were in their late teens when I was born. So while I grew up knowing them and adoring them, we were never very close. I lived in Florida and only even saw them a few times each year. Getting to know my family was my main motivation for moving this far north more than a year ago. It has been so worth it. Because despite all my moaning about major snow storms in March, I have really become so close with my cousins and their children. It is still so novel to me to be able to see my family any random Thursday. I love it. Not enough to stay up here forever. But I love that I was able to help them this past weekend work their booth at the Antique Show. It was physically exhausting but so much fun.


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