Friday, February 17, 2012

Sand Is Just White Dirt

I said that to a friend recently and she declared that I was crazy.

And that's entirely possibly.  But I stand by my story.  Hear me out...

We were talking about quirks.  I said that even though I grew up minutes from the beach, going to the beach every weekend, driving by the beach nearly every day and loving all things ocean, I don't enjoy much about actually being physically on a beach.  I don't like to be dirty.  And I like to see my feet at all times.

When I was about four years old, we were at the beach with several family friends, just like every other Saturday growing up.  And my friend Matt's dad was holding me as he walked into the water.  He was standing about four feet in the water, still holding little me, when all of a sudden he was bumped.  I remember this so vividly!  We both were shocked and looked down to see a giant eel.  No one was hurt, but that pretty much solidified my need to see my toes at all times.  Thankfully there was a pool in my back yard most of my childhood so this was never a big issue. 

Oh you should see me around lakes.  I'm on the shore or in a boat.  Momma does not swim in lakes.  Do you know what's in there?  Snakes, y'all!  Snakes are like tiny, sassy eels.  No ma'am!

But in addition to my "must see my toes" rule, I don't like to be dirty.

Back to my childhood era stories.  When we went to the beach each weekend, my best friend (and mother to my Godchildren) Florida would romp and roll around in the sand and surf.  I, on the other hand, would sit on my towel carefully holding my sand toys and would manage to not get a speck of sand on me. 

Geeze...this whole post probably tells you a heck of a lot about my personality...ha.

Anyway, sand is just white, coarse dirt.  But it's still dirt, y'all.  If I told you that I sat in mud in a creek (pronounced crick), you would think I was off my rocker.  So no, I do not easily relax enough to sit in sand.  I try.  I will sit in a hammock or beach chair and sip rum cocktails.  But I am never fully relaxed.  But sit me around a pool with a view of a beach or better yet, on the front of a sailboat, I am a happy clam.  Just please don't ask me to swim in the ocean or touch dirt.  Just not my thing.


Susan R said...

I'd like to be sitting on some of that white dirt with a little heat, a little surf and a frilly drink with an umbrella right now. I'd even sit in that white dirst sans beachtowel.

Wendy said...

I love walks on the beach and getting sand between my toes.

MHM1314 said...

I HAVE THE TOES RULE TOO!!!! I call it "Gotta See The Bottom" meaning I'm most comfortable in pools and not comfortable AT ALL in lakes/ponds. Ocean water? The Caribbean works for me because the water is sooo clear :)

Suburban Princess said...

Ha! People can never understand why I dont enjoy the beach. I dont like to get dirty either! And there's no bathroom! I live where people come on the weekends so the beach is packed all weekend with city people who leave their garbage etc behind. It's nasty. I love going for walks on the boardwalk - we go a lot every son loves it! I like beach culture...just not touching the sand lol!

Deidre said...

I'm not a huge fan of sand either! I don't that it sticks to me. I don't like sticky things.

Megan said...

I'm the same way! I grew up near the ocean and my parents insisted that we go to the beach every weekend...which I hated! I used to put a queen sheet on the beach with my towel in the middle. Nobody was allowed to walk on the towel, I did not want to get sandy!

Amy - OPC said...

You will NEVER catch me IN a lake. And very rarely IN an ocean. Glad to know someone shares my feelings. :)

Ruth said...

I feel the same about getting in lakes and rivers. I don't want a snake touching me


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